November 16, 2023

Tips for getting the most out of your family photography session!

We love photography here at Paging Fun Mums! It’s become some what of a hobby for Jenni & I as we continue to want to improve our photography skills. We’ve got hundreds of photos of our family but as most Mums know…we are ALWAYS the ones behind the lens and not in front of it with our family.

I was so excited to hear that our good friend (and fellow blogger) Bruce had purchased a bus and was make a lifelong dream of theirs come true, to travel around Australia with 5 (of their 7) kids! What does this have to do with photography you ask? Well Bruce’s lovely wife Tracey is a professional photographer who will be booking sessions as they make their way around Australia. I was thrilled to get the opportunity to book a session with Tracey here on the Sunshine Coast. Finally I would get the opportunity to be IN the family photo! We had so much FUN on the shoot! Tracey is such a joy to be around and she made my whole family relaxed (even my husband, who doesn’t usually enjoy having his photo taken). You can check out some of Tracey’s photos with my family at the bottom of this post.

I took some time to ask Tracey what tips she had for families who’re thinking about booking a session with her, these are her tips for getting the most out of your photo session.

  • Is there a favourite location that your family enjoys spending time at? Maybe its the beach, a park, a farm, or in the rainforest – there are so many great places to plan a photo shoot.
  • Do your children have a favourite toy that could be featured in your shoot? It not only helps to get your children to relax but it can also make a wonderful keepsake to look back on their favourite toy.
  • Do your kids have special interests they like to talk about? What makes them laugh? These can be good things for a photographer to know when getting to know their subjects.
  • Posing ideas. Have you seen a family photograph online that you love? You can look through heaps of ideas on Tracey’s website or on Pinterest. You might choose to share these pictures with your photographer beforehand or go with their suggestions. I was thrilled with the way Tracey posed us in shots, they felt comfortable and natural.
  • Golden hour. If possible try to book your session in the early morning or late afternoon, this time is known as the golden hour because the lighting is not as harsh and often has the most breathtaking sky for a background.
  • It’s also a good idea to make sure you don’t book a session during your child’s normal nap time…that could be a disaster! Also a great idea to bring snacks and make sure everyone has a full tummy – we all know how kids can be when they’re ‘Hangry’.
  • What to wear? This is such an important thing to consider. Tracey has the following advice around choosing the perfect outfits – “I would recommend most for styling your photoshoot is to choose roughly 3 colours and work around those but mix in textures such as plain as well as patterns. two main colours and a ‘pop’ of the a third colour works well. Avoid any large logos or pictures on the fronts of the shirts. Make sure the kids are comfortable in what they are wearing so they feel good about themselves. Little girls are best in hot pants, tights or shorts under their dresses so they can move around freely without ‘flashing’.  Dressing for a shoot doesn’t mean going out and buying a whole new wardrobe. Most seasons have a colour palate, so chances are you already have the clothes in your cupboard or you may just have to buy a few extra pieces to finish off”.
  • Lastly, be organised and be on time! There’s nothing worse than feeling stressed and rushed before or during your shoot.

You can contact Tracey via her website here or via Facebook message here to let her know that you’re interested in booking a shoot – simply provide her with your location and Tracey will let you know when they plan to be in your area to book a session. You can find all the package details here and you can also purchase gift vouchers – what a great Mother’s Day Gift idea!

Be sure to follow their very FUNNY Blog too! It’s called Big Family Little Income and you can find it here and their Facebook and Instagram pages are awesome to follow as well.

Here are some more images from our session. I couldn’t be happier with them!

Lou x

We brought my Son’s favourite truck down as a FUN photo prop.
Flower crowns are always on trend ;).

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2 thoughts on “Tips for getting the most out of your family photography session!

  1. I like that you brought up having your child bring a favorite toy to help them relax or use in the photos. It can be so frustrating sometimes trying to get a good photo of my kids, so these are some good tips. I want to get professional pictures done of them in time for Christmas, so I think some of these tips will help.

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