November 16, 2023

New Moana glasses in-store at Specsavers!

This post is sponsored by Specsavers.

It’s that time of year again, the time where we (parents) start to prepare for the new schooling year. It’s a hectic time of year, especially being summer with lots of fun activities (like learning to surf) and playdates to juggle whilst also making sure everything is in order for your child’s return to school, or like me, you might have a child starting school for the first time! The lists of school supplies, uniforms and lunch boxes often make their way to the top of the ‘to-do’ lists and we often don’t think about the medical things that could impact their year; like hearing and eyesight issues.

My Daughter’s schooling/learning journey hasn’t always been a smooth one with her coming across some hurdles with reading and writing. We’ve visited with many specialists along the way but one of the most important ones was with an optometrist to check her eyesight. Do you know Specsavers recommend that all kids (and adults) should have their eyesight checked every two years and especially before they turn 8. They may not require glasses but a biyearly check could help to prevent some longer term issues, especially if they’re detected before 8 years of age.

My daughter was prescribed glasses last year at age 7, they’ve aided her in her ability to focus more easily which has therefore led to a huge improvement in her reading and handwriting. We also thinks it helps with her concentration, like when she puts her glasses on it sends a message to her brain saying “It’s time to learn”.

I was concerned that Miss 7 would be averse to hearing the news that she needed glasses to help her read and write, boy was I wrong! She was SUPER excited to have her own special glasses, it was then that I realised that wearing glasses in Primary school has become the new ‘COOL’ thing!

Although my daughter was excited to get a new pair of frames some children might not be, we were thrilled to learn that Specsavers have an amazing range of Disney frames for all children, including the latest Disney movie Moana! We loved the latest Disney movie so much, and Miss (now) 8 is super excited to return to school with some trendy new frames featuring her new fave Disney character. I also love the look of the frames on her! There are 4 in the range and the Disney branding is not over the top, they’re really lovely frames and it was tough to choose a favourite but the staff at Specsavers were so helpful and very accommodating to young customers.

Here are some photos from our in-store visit, their service was fantastic and we received our new prescription frames in under 10 days. If you make a booking soon you’ll have plenty of time to start the school year with glasses (if they’re needed).

And here is a fun (and SUPER easy) way to decorate your child’s glasses case using some fabric off-cuts or an old (outgrown) pair of denim jeans! Once you’ve covered the case in fabric the decoration ideas are endless! Think buttons, ribbons, sequins, alphabet letters and so much more. Anything to make their glasses journey easier whilst also encouraging them to take care of them and return them to the case when they’ve finished using them. “When they’re not on your face, they’re in the case!’.

What you’ll need

  • Glasses case (spring loaded ones are easiest to cover)
  • Fabric off-cut (or a piece cut from an old pair of jeans)
  • Decorations like buttons, fabric flowers, sequins etc
  • Fabric glue
  • scissors
  • pegs (to secure the fabric whilst it dries)

Watch this video to see just how easy they are to make!

If there was one thing I would recommend you do before the start of the school year, it would be getting your children’s eyes tested to ensure they’re getting off on the right foot. It doesn’t have to cost the earth and it can save them a lot of issues down the track. Click here to book an eye test with Specsavers and click here to view the entire Moana range.

And if you haven’t yet seen the Movie, we highly recommend it! Miss 8 loves the ocean (and has just learnt to surf!) so she really related to the Moana character. You can find some free colouring printables for Moana here.

We wish the children in our Fun Mum community all the best with their upcoming school year, may it be filled with fun learning and new friends.

Louise x

PS – Here’s a pic of my own ‘Moana’ learning to surf over the holidays!

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