November 17, 2023

Chin Puppets!

Chin Puppets!

OMG! My 4 year old laughed SO hard when he saw these photos! It was priceless! We had a lot of fun making them too!

Master L and I were mucking around not long ago & he said “your chin looks like a face!”. So I told him about the ol ‘chin puppet’ trick. My brothers & I used to do silly stunts like this when we were kids! Of course I have since grown up…and now use pom poms & googley eyes lol!.

We decided to give this idea a try today & I’m so glad we did! It was really funny, my little man is such a character!

I decided the best place to ‘shoot’ our funny faces would be outside (it was raining today so it was quite dark inside).

Chin Puppets!

I got a picnic blanket for him to lie on, a cushion from the lounge for him to drape himself over and a sheet to cover up his body & top of his face to create the chin illusion!

I just used what I had at home – which granted may not be the same for everyone, so just get creative and use whatever you have. You could definitely use face paint to draw on your creations too, but I didn’t want the clean up hassle!

I used double sided tape to stick all of the ‘bits’ on. It was very sensitive on Master L’s precious skin & it did a great job of keeping everything from sliding off.

Chin Puppets!

This guy was made from cotton balls, googly eyes & some cute little glasses I picked up a while back at a craft store (they sell them in the doll & bear making section).

Chin Puppets!

This pretty lady was created using wool for her hair (I cut about 15 pieces at about 15cm long then tied them all together using a small piece of wool for the part) & googley eyes. Master L even let me apply lipstick to him…ahhh I’m so proud that he suffers for his art!

Chin Puppets!

Chin Puppets! Chin Puppets!

This crazy person was crafted from pom poms & googley eyes.

Chin Puppets! Chin Puppets!

I love this ‘mad scientist’! Master L went to town on his character building on this one!

I  highly recommend you give this a go with your little ones, I guarantee it will produce so many laughs!

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