November 30, 2022

Cotton Ball Bunnies

Teeny Cotton Ball Bunnies!

These are so teeny and so cute! Most of the things you need for these, you will already have at home! My car was in getting serviced today so we had the whole day at home. Everything I needed for these was already in my cupboards…so let’s get it started!

Cotton Ball Bunnies 1

What you will need (for two) 

2 Large Cotton Balls

6 Cotton Tips

4 Small googley eyes

Small snippet of pink pipe cleaner (you could also use pink paper, or craft foam for the nose)

Craft Glue


Cotton Ball Bunnies 2

First step is to make your bunny’s ears and feet. Cut 2 cotton tips in half (for the ears). Then cut the remaining cotton tips (a little longer than the swab part) to form the feet (4 per bunny).

Cotton Ball Bunnies 3

Put a small blob of glue on the ends of the long cotton tips and glue them in place on your cotton ball to make the bunny ears.

Cotton Ball Bunnies 4

Glue your last 4 cotton tip ‘feet’ onto the bottom of the cotton ball.

Cotton Ball Bunnies 5

Glue on your googly eyes and a pink nose and you’re done!

Cotton Ball Bunnies 6Cotton Ball Bunnies 7Cotton Bunnnies 14Cotton Ball Bunnies 13Coton Bunnies 15Cotton Ball Bunnies 8

I just think these are just so cute! I hope you have fun making them too! Jenni x

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