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September 3, 2020

DIY Where is the Green Sheep Costume

DIY Where is the Green Sheep Costume

This year for book week, the theme was ‘Australian Books’. One of my little girls favourite books is Where is the Green Sheep by Australian Author Mem Fox.

To make your own costume you will need:

Corflute or thick cardboard

Craft fluff/pillow stuffing

Cotton balls (and plenty of them)

Glue Gun

Green Spray Paint

Old shoes

Paper plate

White Cardstock


To make the body:

Where is the green sheep body-2

Using the large piece of corflute or thick cardboard and cut our large clouds and cut them out

Cover these with glue and add on the craft fluff/pillow stuffing

Spray with the spray paint and leave to dry overnight

To make the Mask:

DIY Green Sheep Mask

Cut out the centre of your paper plate

Cover it in glue and stick on your cotton balls

Using your white cardboard, cut out the ear shapes (as above) and attach to the back of the plate using the glue gun

Attach a piece of elastic to the back, big enough to fit around your kiddies head

Spray the entire thing with green spray paint and allow to dry over night

To make the shoes:


We used a pair of old slip on shoes, covered them in glued on cotton balls and then spray painted green (again, leave these to dry over night).

Cute DIY Where is the Green Sheep costume

I then made sure I had some green clothing to add underneath and covered her precious face in green face paint!


I really enjoyed making this costume! She won, best costume at her book parade for her class too so she was pretty excited!

Let me know if you have any questions, just leave a comment below!

Jen x

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3 thoughts on “DIY Where is the Green Sheep Costume

  1. How did you attach the cardboard body to your daughter when she was wearing it? We would love to try this this yr for my 7yr old daughter.

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