November 29, 2022

DIY ‘Cereal Killer’ Halloween Costume

My kids are well into Halloween now…it’s actually becoming more and more popular in Australia. When I saw a similar idea to this on Pinterest, I knew I just had to do it justice. I love me a ‘punny’ costume!

This was super easy to make & probably cost about $20 all up…thats cheaper than the costumes in the cheap shops #winning.

To replicate this costume for your little monster you will need:

White shirt

Mini cereal boxes

Plastic knives

Fake blood

Plain headband

Glue gun/strong glue

Sharpie/fabric marker

Step 1

Write ‘Cereal Killer’ using the sharpie/fabric marker at the top of the shirt…we want everyone to ‘get’ the costume straight away.

Step 2

Make a small slit in each cereal box & stab in a plastic knife (I reinforced the knives with a little glue).

Step 3

Using your glue gun/strong glue, start sticking on the boxes to the shirt. Also adhere one to the headband…for added effect!

Step 4

(You may want to put plastic under the shirt before you do this part). Drizzle your shirt & cereal boxes in the fake blood…this was surprisingly therapeutic lol. I made sure to put a little blood around the tips of the knives too. To dry the blood super fast, place the shirt outside in the sun.

I added a little face paint to my little man and spiked up his hair to go with the part.

He got some many comments whist we were trick or treating, a lot of people got a good laugh out of it too!

So there you have it, an easy, inexpensive and awesome costume idea. Let me know if you’re going to give this a go!

I made my daughter a ‘Glowing Jelly Fish‘ costume…you can check out how to make that one here.

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Jen x

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