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November 27, 2020

Glowing Rainbow Rice

Glow in the Dark Rainbow Rice

We love anything that glows! We’ve made Glow in the Dark SlimeGlowing Chalk PaintGlowing Bath PaintGlow in the Dark Fairy Jars and the list goes on!

This activity is super simple and SUPER fun. It doubles as a Sensory Activity too which is really important for early childhood development.

To make your own you will need:


Resealable Sandwich bags

Fluro Paints (we got ours from our local $2 shop)

Black Light

DIY Glowing Rainbow Rice

Step 1

Add the rice (about 1 cup) to separate resealable bags (depending on how many colours you would like). We did, yello, green and pink.

Step 2

Add a few squirts of the fluro paint into the bags, seal them up and squish around the paint until all the rice is covered.

Step 3

Empty the bags out onto a tray to dry (about an hour).

Step 4

Turn off the lights, turn on your black light and enjoy the show! The kids LOVE playing with this, it lights up so well and feels lovely!

Amazing Glow in the Dark Rainbow RiceGlowing Rainbow Rice

Let us know by commenting below if you’ve tried one or more of our fun glow in the dark activities 🙂

Jen x

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