November 16, 2023

Magic Glowing Egg

Magic Glowing Egg

We sure love us some fun Science experiments here at Paging Fun Mums HQ and this activity is no different!

This is egg-actly what my kids get egg-cited about. This really is an egg-cellent science experiment…ok, it’s not punny anymore ūüėČ

This teaches the kiddies¬†about egg anatomy and osmosis – aside from that though, it’s super fun and exciting!

To make your own you will need


Enough Eggs for each highlighter colour (we made four, but found the orange & green worked best)


A glass jar for each egg

Step 1

Bouncy Egg liquid

Take your highlighter and take the top and end off it – remove the inner tube and squeeze the ‘juice’ into a jar. Continue this for each colour

Step 2

Bouncy Glowing Eggs Liquid

Using a spoon, carefully add your raw and unpeeled eggs to each jar

Step 3

Amazing Glowing Egg

Add enough vinegar to cover each egg

Step 4

Let them sit for 2 – 3¬†days. After this time, carefully remove each egg and brush away it’s shell – you will find that they have disintegrated and are very easy to remove! You will also see that the egg is very swollen!

Step 5

Turn all of the lights off, turn on a black light and watch your amazing Magic Glowing Eggs GLOW!

Glowing Egg Experiment Amazing Glowing Egg Experiment

Magical Glowing Egg

Learn all about Osmosis here. This is such a great way to combine science and fun!

We absolutely had a ball (or should I say oval) with this experiment. Let us know what you think by adding your comments below!

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Jen x

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2 thoughts on “Magic Glowing Egg

  1. This is such a cool project! I remember reading about ages ago, but had completely forgotten how to do it. Thanks for the reminder! And I am guessing that my brand new highlighters will be history (or science) sometimes this week!

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