November 17, 2023

Balloon Rocket…an easy & FUN Science Experiment for Kids

Ballon Rocket - So much Fun!

My little 4yo Master L is obsessed with rockets, gravity and anything ‘space’ – he wants to be an astronaut when he grows up – be still my beating heart! He wanted me to ‘build’ him a rocket this afternoon but without the time and resources, I decided this activity would suffice. Everything I needed was at home and I can tell you now, he LOVED it! He is one of those kiddies that moves on to the next activity pretty quickly, I am proud to say… NOT with this one! This is so easy to put together & like me, I bet you will have the things required in your house already! Oh and it’s not ‘rocket science’, it’s very easy too lol!

You will need:

Ballon Rocket - So much Fun!

A balloon

Wool (you could also use fishing line or string)

A straw

Masking tape or similar

Nikko pen (optional)

2 chairs (you could also tape this from wall to wall)

Ballon Rocket - So much Fun!

Tie your wool to one chair (luckily my chairs have holes in the top to tie through, but you could use the masking tape if your’s don’t), then thread the straw onto the wool.  Once the straw is in place, tightly secure the string to the other chair.
Ballon Rocket - So much Fun!
Then add a piece of tape to the straw, sticky side exposed.  This will be used for securing the balloon.
Ballon Rocket - So much Fun!
This next step is optional, but I blew up the balloon and drew on a rocket with a nikko pen (much to Master L’s pleasure). Using a permanent nikko pen, your rocket image will last over and over with each ‘flight’.
Ballon Rocket - So much Fun!
Blow up a balloon – Master L was eager to do this part.  Do not tie the ballon closed.  Attach it to the straw using the tape.
Ballon Rocket - So much Fun!
Holding the balloon opening tightly with your fingers so the air doesn’t leak out…
Pull the straw back to the end of your launch line and watch it FLY!
Ballon Rocket - So much Fun!
Ballon Rocket - So much Fun!
Ballon Rocket - So much Fun!
Ballon Rocket - So much Fun!
This was an activity that was pulled together last minute and was really enjoyable all round  : ). Don’t we just love when that happens!?

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11 thoughts on “Balloon Rocket…an easy & FUN Science Experiment for Kids

  1. Awesome activity! I was looking after 10 kids today and played this with them. They had fun! Thanks for the great idea 🙂

  2. I have two boys and it would be fun to have a rocket track for each boy so they can race them! I will keep this in mind for the upcoming spring break from school project!

  3. Thanks a million my kids had a great time doing this activity. I turn my class into a racing track, with commentary, instant reply. We had a blast.

  4. The experiment looks great. Just a friendly comment about your instructions. The correct word is “yours” with no apostrophe. Thanks for posting as you have good ideas.

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