November 16, 2023

Easy to make Spooky Halloween Luminaries

Halloween Luminaries

We love a bit of Halloween fun around our house! It’s super exciting for the kids to have the house decorated in a ‘spooky’ way. I, myself, find these guys completely adorable! The best part about them is that they take about 5 minutes to make!

To make your own you will need

Glass jars


Googly eyes


Candle Lights (battery operated)

Spooky Halloween Jars

Step 1

Take your jar and wind some of the bandage around it until you have the ‘Mummified’ look. Secure with glue.


Glue on two goggly eyes – I like mine a little wonky!

Step 3

Add your candle lights to the jar, wait for night to fall and flick off the lights!

Your very own adorable glowing Halloween decorations that you’ve made yourself!

This craft couldn’t be more simpler or cuter!

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