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November 27, 2020

DIY Glow in the dark Glitter!

Glow in the dark glitter

We have just recently made our own DIY Glitter which turned out wonderfully! We have just got a Black Light thanks to Wide World of Lights so I thought I might try my hand at Glow in the dark Glitter…it has turned out fantastically!

To make your own you will need:

Glow in the dark glitter

Epsom Salts

Fluro/Neon Paints (make sure you find a washable & non toxic brand)

Black Light

Homemade Glitter

Pour your desired amount of salt into a ziplock bag (one colour per bag).

Then add a squirt of your Fluro/Neon Paint.

Glow in the dark glitter 7

Seal the bag, then squish & squelch the bag until all of the colour is distributed evenly. This is a fun sensory activity in itself!

Empty the bags of your glitter onto a tray lined with baking paper & let it dry over night.

Glow in the dark glitter

Add the glitter back into the bags & give them a good bash with a rolling pin to break up any large pieces (great anger management activity!).

We then added our glitter into little containers.

Now all you need to do is wait for the sun to go down & switch on your black light! Ta dar! You’ve made your very own  Glow in the dark Glitter!

Glow in the dark glitter 6Glow in the dark glitter 2

The results are just amazing…the photos barely do it justice! I am so in love with anything glow in the dark right now!

We hope you enjoyed the look of this activity and might consider purchasing your own Blacklight – maybe you could share one with a friend or neighbour like Louise and I do?

Here is the link to the Australian store where we purchased our Fluro Light Fitting and Blacklight tube  from Wide World of Lights. You can also find them via their Facebook Page. You can buy the tube separately if you are lucky enough to have a Fluro Light Fitting at home.

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6 thoughts on “DIY Glow in the dark Glitter!

  1. This is so cool. I’m thinking I might do it for my blacklight party. Like have it on the tables or something. Amazing.

  2. hi could you create a print it app on here so I can print the craft from yr page otherwise I have to copy and paste everything onto word then edit it all



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