November 29, 2022

Turn an old dish rack into the best colouring book caddy ever!

Old dish rack to awesome colouring book caddy

As a busy Mum, I am always on the look out for things that make my life a little easier and more organised. As my kids love their colouring books, they seem to always be all over the house!

I have a solution…I give you the ‘Dish Rack Colouring Book Caddy’!

Who would have thought that an old dish rack could be so handy! It’s like it was made for the books, pencils, erasers & other stationary rather than dishes!

Simply take your old dish rack (or buy one quite inexpensively at your local $2 shop) and stack your books (as you would your plates), pencils (as you would your cutlery) and any other necessities in the tray area! Voila! It’s easy to store and my kids know where everything goes so nothing is left all over the house!

Here’s the aerial view!

colouring book caddy hack

Is it weird that I’m super excited to have this in my life? Thank you OCD ūüėČ I’m just glad I have another thing organised! Winning!

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