November 16, 2023

DIY Scratch Art…Easter style. Includes easy video tutorial!

DIY Easter Scratch Art video tutorial

I loved scratch art as a kid and I had no idea you could make it at home for the kids yourself…it turns out, you absolutely can & it is soooo easy!

To make your own you will need:

Watercolour paper (I bought mine from my local craft store)

Oil pastels

Black Acrylic Paint

Paint brush

Scratching tool

How to do it:

Step 1

Make rainbow patterns using your oil pastels onto your watercolour paper. Make sure you leave no white space.

Step 2

Paint the entire page with the black acrylic paint and let it dry (I left mine over night but it should only take a few hours)

Step 3

Once the paint dries, take your scratching tool and make the shape of an Easter Egg (watch the video to below to see how)

Step 4

Marvel at your work that your kids would be proud of!


Check out our easy video tutorial below!

So easy and fun!

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5 thoughts on “DIY Scratch Art…Easter style. Includes easy video tutorial!

  1. Love your ideas. Although my kids are grown i have nieces & nephew’s that would love to do some pic these. Thank you for sharing.


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