DIY Egg Carton Headbands
November 28, 2020

DIY Egg Carton Headbands

Egg Carton Headbands

This craft has so many fun elements to it! There’s cutting, painting, glueing, glittering AND you get to wear your masterpiece when finished!

I got the inspiration for this over at She has a lovely collection of crafts for kiddies! Here is my version:

All you need is:
Egg Carton Headbands
Egg carton
Paints (we used acrylic)
Paint brush
Ribbon (enough to fit around a little head & extra to tie)
Beads (optional)
The first step is to cut your ‘flowers’ out of the egg carton. We made a few different shapes as you can see in the image below.
Egg Carton Headbands
Then paint your flowers.
Egg Carton Headbands
Egg Carton Headbands
Egg Carton Headbands
And sprinkle with glitter.
Egg Carton Headbands
We let our egg cartons dry over night…
Egg Carton Headbands
Then use the glue & add a little to the centre of each ‘flower.
Egg Carton Headbands
Then add as many or as little beads as you like (this step is optional, but I can’t help myself when it comes to adding a bit of bling!)
Egg Carton Headbands
Little Miss A agrees! The more bling the merrier ; )
Egg Carton Headbands
Then lay your ribbon flat and arrange your egg carton flowers on top to see how you would like it to look. We made two designs: A four flower side headband & one where the flowers went all the way around the front.
Then glue your flowers to your ribbon.  Craft glue does the trick, but if you want to get more wear out of your headband, then I would recommend using a glue gun (by the way, if you don’t have one and you do a fair bit of crafting, you really should grab yourself one. They can fix just about anything too! I’ve fixed toys & even shoes! They range in price, but a ‘beginner’s glue gun will cost you between $5 – $10 and a pack of glue sticks will set you back about $2!
When your flowers are secured to the ribbon, place onto the head & tie the ribbon at the back!
Here are the results! Little Miss A turned into ‘Twirly Girl’ and channeled her inner hippie for these shots!
Egg Carton Headbands Egg Carton Headbands Egg Carton Headbands Egg Carton Headbands Egg Carton Headbands Egg Carton Headbands
These would make a great Easter craft & are great for dress ups too!
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