November 17, 2023

Using LEGO Bricks to Help Foster Confidence and Build Self-Esteem

Using LEGO to helo foster confidence and boost self-esteem in your kids.

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I’ve never put too much thought into LEGO before now…my 6 year old daughter has been given many sets over the past few years but she just didn’t share the enthusiasm that one might have thought! She loved building with LEGO DUPLO and I could tell she was ready for a bigger challenge but whenever I suggested we ‘break’ out the LEGO she would complain that it was “too hard” and “I can’t build it as well as my cousins do”. I couldn’t blame her really, her attention span can be relatively short and if she doesn’t see results quickly she looses interest (all perfectly normal for her age…and something she probably inherited from me). Needless to say I was quite excited to have the opportunity to ‘test drive’ the LEGO Juniors range with her, in the hopes it would spark her interest in LEGO – a product that had brought my brother and I so much joy when we were growing up…almost as much joy as I’m sure my own Mother experienced whilst we were quietly working together creating and building our own LEGO cities! So what’s the difference between regular LEGO and LEGO Juniors you ask? Well it’s been specially created with beginner ‘Master Builders’ like my daughter in mind (aged between 4-7). It comes with bright and colourful instructions that are EASY to follow…all the steps are broken down making it easy for non-readers to interpret. The pack is broken up into numbered bags which each house the bricks needed to build each singular component (this made the task far less daunting for my daughter). Lego Juniors - easy to build with easy instructions! Miss 6 was able to look at each page, quickly and easily locate the pieces required for that step, follow the instructions on paper to help build and complete each ‘step’. The colourful illustrations helped to keep her focused and also offered her a mini reward in seeing each step completed when her blocks reflected the illustrations! Therefore helping to build her cognitive skills in a fun way. Lego Juniors - perfect next step from Duplo! I was so pleased to see she was able to complete her mini world with minimal assistance from me…and best of all there were NO tears or cries of frustration…unlike our past history where I was usually the one left to complete the project whilst also comforting her broken self-esteem. Lego Juniors - fun learning through play! I found the LEGO Juniors set did wonders to boost my daughters confidence, not just with LEGO but she is  also more willing to try other things now too, like following a recipe in the kitchen and helping Dad to read the instructions when setting up our new bookshelf this week…I just wish Ikea supplied the same easy to follow instructions that LEGO Juniors does! Ha! I’m now proud to announce my daughter has built not just one but THREE LEGO worlds and is displaying more and more self-confidence when approaching other tasks and challenges. I don’t think it’ll be long before she is moving on to the exciting world of LEGO City but this time she will be ready thanks to the help of LEGO Juniors! Plus all the bricks in LEGO Juniors can be used with the traditional LEGO sets! My daughter and I also collaborated to film this cool Stop Motion Video on my iPhone (using the LEGO Stop Motion App). It was so much FUN to make!! Watch it here –

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23 thoughts on “Using LEGO Bricks to Help Foster Confidence and Build Self-Esteem

  1. As a family Day Care Educator I can see that this will really benifit children 4 and over that are past duplo but cant yet manage normal lego. I’ll have to look for it when shopping next.

  2. OT work for our son. Improving his fine motor skills, a challenge. Would be a fun activity without him realising it’s part of his programme.

  3. Accolades I’d receive helping put together these sets. No longer the family clutz. Recently attempted assembling a desk, lots of bits left over. Failed miserably.

  4. Oh my gosh this is the best lego yet, it’s so hard when you have 2 boy’s 5 years apart and the youngest is 2.5yr and thinks he is 7.5
    Thank you

  5. I love lego and so do my kids. It is great for their fine motor skills and they love to build new and exciting creations for everyone to see.

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