November 17, 2023

Make your own Hacky Sacks!

make your own hacky sacks

My son is at the right age to start enjoying the good old fashioned Hacky Sacks! I remember playing with them as a kid but when I went looking for them at the shops, I couldn’t find any! So I figured there must be a way to make your own… turns out, there is! I found this idea over at the lovely Children’s Learning Activities & had to give it a try!

To make your own you will need:

Hacky Sack 1

Birdseed (you could also use rice)

Balloons (at least 3 different colours)



hacky sack 3

Step 1

Take one of your balloons and fill to the ‘neck’ of the balloon with the birdseed

hacky sack 2

Step 2

Take your scissors and cut just above that level and remove the whole ‘neck’

Step 3

Take a second balloon (of different colour) and snip that ‘neck’ off also

Step 4

Slide the second balloon over the first one (making sure you cover the open end of the 1st balloon – we want to make sure none of the birdseed escapes)

Step 5

Make a few hole shaped incisions in the second balloon with the scissors to create a nice pattern (I wasn’t too fussy with this as you can see ; )

Step 6

Keep repeating Steps 3 – 5 until you are happy with the look of your Hacky Sack

hacky sack 4

Step 7

Get outside and have fun with your brand new toy!

hacky sack 5You can also use these Hacky Sacks inside too as a ‘Stress Ball’! Simply get your child to squish it in their hands and it’s a great way to help improve their fine motor skills!

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4 thoughts on “Make your own Hacky Sacks!

  1. When I made these years ago we filled them with flour and they were great for molding and kneading. I think we also attached googly eyes to make faces.

    Thanks for a great blog, it’s fun to plan activities for my kids as they outgrow the baby ‘eay everything’ phase!

  2. Thanks for the great bug and dinosaur activities! Will fit into my science activities for my granddaughter.

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