November 17, 2023

Learning Rainbow Number Facts!

Rainbow Number Facts

We’ve been practising our Rainbow Number Math skills using our Crayola Widescreen Light Designer – it provides a reusable surface that’s perfect for FUN learning and creating!!

Are you familiar with Rainbow Number Facts? It’s a great visual method that helps children learn the number sets that make up 10. My daughter has been using this method in school and now at home – I’m so happy with the results! Miss 6 can easily and quickly solve basic math problems, she’s even been using it to work out how much change I should get at the shops (it’s a great tool for learning currency concepts because most currency problems involve 10’s or 100’s).

So here’s how it works –

We start by writing the numbers 0 – 10 across the bottom of the ‘page’ or in this case our Widescreen Light Design board, we then draw the rainbow connecting the number sets as shown below. This enables the child to see all the possible pairs of numbers that can make up 10. I then wrote some simple math problems for her to fill in the blanks with the correct number. As your child progresses you can mix these up to make it a bit more complex.

My daughter is a very visual learner so this system has helped her tremendously! She is now competent in quickly solving the problems without the guide, the sets have been memorised in a visual manner which means she doesn’t spend time ‘counting’ out the problems because the answers are easy to recall.

Rainbow Number Facts explained!

You can follow this link to watch a YouTube video of the method in action and to also find a free classroom printable.

This post has been sponsored by Crayola and their Crayola Widescreen Light Designer. It’s so much FUN to create beautiful drawings on this glowing canvas! It’s ultra widescreen enables BOTH my two kids to draw on it together comfortably without any arguments (unlike our iPad). We have incorporated it into our bedtime routine too! Once we finish reading her bedtime story we allow her to draw a picture from her story, we then set this up in her bedroom to act as a night light – it automatically switches off after 15mins!

Crayola Widescreen Light Designer in action!

Some of the other extra features include a handy space on the back to store the 6 markers plus 7 lighting effects to bring your art to life in a BIG, BOLD and BRIGHT way!! You can watch a video of it in action here. 


We know there would be a lot of creative kids just begging to get their hands on one of these for Christmas…guess what…you could go in the draw to WIN one of THREE Widescreen Light Designers and have them delivered in time for Christmas!!   We would LOVE to see all the wonderful drawings your children create! Share them via either option below for your chance to WIN one of THREE Crayola Light Designers! The three most creative or imaginative drawings will WIN! Simply click on the picture below to upload your photos! But hurry the competition closes on Friday 14th November!! Good luck!!
Crayola Widescreen Light Designer

Louise x

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3 thoughts on “Learning Rainbow Number Facts!

  1. Just uploaded my daughter’s latest drawing but wondered if you received it. Don’t know where it went but I suppose you have access to it somewhere. Anyway, our daughter is coming to the end of her Kindergarten year and just loves drawing, but probably loves Elsa and Frozen that little bit more. (Aged 7 yrs)

    1. Hello Rachel, We have received it :). It’s beautiful!! What a talented little artist you have! Thank you for your entry and good luck!! Louise x

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