November 30, 2022

Pizza Box Airport – with working landing lights!

How to Turn a Pizza Box into a Toy AirportMy son is obsessed with planes at the moment so I decided to create a Pizza Box Airport – with working landing lights! My 6 year old daughter helped me design and make it – she got so much joy from making something special for her little brother.

What we used –

  • A Pizza Box – the larger the better (Our local Pizza shop was happy to supply an extra box with our last order…so it doesn’t smell like pepperoni!).
  • Large sheet of Black cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Masking Tape
  • Black and White Markers
  • Battery operated LED Lights (most discount stores sell these, especially as it gets closer to Christmas)
  • Paper Tube & a round empty container to make the Control Tower

We started by making our Control Tower by cutting the paper roll to the hight we wanted and then taped it all together. We then drew black windows and a Helipad on top (Miss 6’s addition!).

How to make a Control Tower using recycled items!

We drew a runway using a white marker and then set about inserting the runway lights. We used a sharp pencil to carefully puncture holes through the black cardboard and the top of the Pizza Box. We then taped the tower to the box and turned on the lights! *The wires and battery box are inside the Pizza Box.

Making an Airport from an old Pizza Box and LED lights!

Master 2 was so excited to play with his new handmade toy!

Upcycled Pizza Box Craft Idea - Make a mini Airport!

Turns out he likes it even more in the dark!

Glowing Airport - made with a Pizza Box and LED lights!

I purchased the toy planes in a set at our local KMart store for $9 (pictured below).

Toy Set from KMart $9

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Louise x

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