November 30, 2022

Cool Croc Craft for Kids

Cool Croc Craft Check out our Cool Croc Craft for Kids!

We made this fun activity at my daughter’s playgroup. It’s so easy to do and she had a ball with it! This is a great craft for teacher’s to use, playgroups, parties or just a fun afternoon of creativity for the kiddies!

To make your own you will need:

1 x egg carton

1 x large piece of bubble wrap (large enough to cover egg carton)

Green paint

Black paint

Green cardboard

Pen Glue

Sticky tape


2 x cotton balls Cool Croc Craft Tutorial Step 1

Paint your bubble wrap with the green paint and let it dry

Step 2

Place your egg carton upside down onto the dried bubble wrap

Step 3

Using your sticky tape start to wrap the egg carton as you would a present

Step 4

To make your ‘tail’ fold one of the ends into a triangle shape and tape down Croc Craft Feet Template

Step 5

Using your green cardboard – roughly draw out the crocodile’s ‘leg’s as above (place the egg carton over the cardboard first to make sure the legs are big enough). Cut out your feet shapes. Croc Craft Tutorial Step 6

Turn your crocodile on it’s back and position your cardboard feet where you would like them to go

Step 7

Tape down the legs (this was my daughter’s favourite part)

Step 8

Turn your Crocodile back over and add two dollops of glue to the front end of the crocodile

Step 9

Paste down your two cotton balls for the crocodile’s eyes Croc Craft Tutorials Step 10

Using your black paint, add two dots onto the cotton balls for pupils

Step 11

Paint on another two dots for the crocodile’s nostrils and you are finished! This little guys makes for some great creative play!

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