November 17, 2023

Gingerbread Survival Guide – (Louise)

Making and decorating a batch of Gingerbread can be a challenge with Children but its definitely achievable without any tantrums, tears, mess (okay maybe a little), or bodily harm lol. Below are a few good tips on surviving this fun activity…its all in the preparation ;).

Little Miss M has an attention span of a goldfish so this is what I did to make this project achievable for us ;).

  1. I made the Dough the night before baking and refrigerated it. Miss M helped by tipping the already measured ingredients into the bowl.
  2. I reserved a small amount of Dough for Miss M to shape & cut with the cookie cutters – the rest I rolled out and baked while she was at Kindy. I also prepared the table with all the Icing bags, Lollies & Gingerbread Men easily assessable. I also had a roll of paper towel and a wet sponge handy…and most importantly the camera charged and ready to go.
  3. Miss M came home and cut out her Dough and I placed them in the oven to cook while we decorated the already prepared cookies (this way there was no waiting for them to cool etc).
  4. This is the hard part for me – letting go of my inner perfectionist and giving Miss M creative freedom with her decorating. Resisting the urge to jump-in and say “That’s too much icing” was very difficult but she clearly loved making ‘her’ creations!

Miss M was so excited to show her Daddy when he got home and even more excited to share one with him.

Our next mission is a Gingerbread House…wish us luck!!!

The concentration

Never too much


Love the use of pink lol

So proud

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