November 17, 2023

DIY Rainbow Ruffle Tablecloth!

Rainbow Ruffle

I had so much fun planning and putting together my daughter’s Rainbow Party! It was so bright and colourful and such a pretty party for any little girl! This DIY Rainbow Ruffle Tablecloth was the perfect addition!

I had made Ruffle Tablecloths before using plastic tablecloths and they are fantastic & easy to make. I wanted to make something similar with with some extra colourful layers so I came up with this Rainbow Ruffle Tablecloth. This only cost me about $14 and it looks so effective!

To make your own you will need:

Rainbow Ruffle Tablecloth 2

6-7 Rectangle Plastic Tablecloths 

Packing tape and/or masking tape



Step 1

Unfold one of the tablcothes all the way out and lay on the floor.

Step 2

Ruffle Tablecloth 9

Cut the remaining tablecloths into strips – approximately 35cm long (this is easy if you fold out your tablecloths and use the folded lines as a guide)

Step 3

Add your strips onto the base one colour at a time. Making the ruffles is easy, just scrunch the top of the tablecloth & tape it down as you go

Rainbow Ruffle Tablecloth 3Rainbow Ruffle Tablecloth 4

Step 4

Keep adding all of your colours until you have reached the top : )

Rainbow Ruffle Tablecloth 5Rainbow Ruffle Tablecloth 7

Step 5

You will need another set of hands for this job. Pick up your finished Rainbow Ruffled Tablecloth & carry it to the table you are going to be adding it to. Start taping it down to the edge of the table.

Rainbow Ruffle Tablecloth 8

Rainbow Ruffle Tablecloth 9

Step 6

Add another table cloth along the top to cover all the ‘ugly’ tape and VOILA you are done!

Rainbow Ruffle 2

Rainbow Backdrop

Making this backdrop was super simple! All we did was peg a collection of coloured plastic tablecloths (ruffling at the top) to a long line of kitchen string then tied each end to something sturdy. We then reinforced it by using some stronghold removable hooks that we stuck to the roof! Easy! After the party, I took them down and will use them again too!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!

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3 thoughts on “DIY Rainbow Ruffle Tablecloth!

  1. Thank you for the tutorial on the rainbow ruffle tablecloth. What a great idea, and the main photo looks great. Unfortunately, the photos for your steps are not loading. I wanted to let you know about the issue. Hopefully, it can be fixed. Pictures would be very helpful. Thank you!

    Amanda from Texas

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