GLOWING Bath Paint
November 27, 2020

GLOWING Bath Paint

Glowing Bath Paint

This would have to be the most fun we have had in the bath for a long time….I’m not sure who had more fun – the kids or the parents! We have just got a Black Light thanks to Wide World of Lights and have plenty of glow in the dark activities in store. You should see the super fun GLOWING Water Blob  Louise has just done….nothing short of amazing!

We made some DIY Bath Paint & it was a huge success with the kids…so I thought, why not make a GLOWING version of that!

To do this activity at home you will need:

Glowing Bath Paint

Fluro/Neon Paint (make sure you find a washable & non toxic brand)

Shaving Cream

Black Light

As you can see, I got my Fluro Paint for just $2.99 a bottle at my local $2 store & the shaving cream was about $1.50 so this is a very frugal but super FUN activity!

All you need to do is mix equal parts shaving cream to the paint (per colour) and you are ready to go!

We mixed ours into a paint palette so the paint was easy to access.

We filled up the bath with bubbles, put the kids in the bath, turned out the light & switched on the black light! The kids were so excited to see the magical glowing paint! They made some beautiful creations! It was very hard for us to get them out of the bath (I popped them in the shower afterwards to make sure there wasn’t any left over paint on them). The bath just wipes clean too & doesn’t stain the tiles or grout!

Glowing Bath Paint Glowing Bath Paint

Glowing Bath Paint Glowing Bath Paint Glowing Bath PaintGlowing Bath Paint Glowing Bath Paint 11Glowing Bath Paint

We were all amazed at how vibrant the colours were (the photos barely do it justice), it was so much FUN!

We hope you enjoyed the look of this activity and might consider purchasing your own Blacklight – maybe you could share one with a friend or neighbour like Louise and I do?

Here is the link to the Australian store where we purchased our Fluro Light Fitting and Blacklight tube  from Wide World of Lights. You can also find them via their Facebook Page. You can buy the tube separately if you are lucky enough to have a Fluro Light Fitting at home.

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  1. I love all the great ideas u have. I look forward to see what’s next. My grand kids and I have such fun making your stuff. Thank u for sharing

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