Daddy's Race Track Tickle Shirt
June 18, 2020

Daddy’s Race Track Tickle Shirt

Daddy's Race Track Tickle Shirt

My husband has always loved a good old back scratch (and if you ask his Mummy, she will tell you it has been that way since day dot).

You can imagine his elation when he worked out Master 4 loved to drive his matchbox cars all over him. I took this to the next level and created a ‘Race Track Tickle Shirt’. The kids get to have fun with driving the car on the tracks and Daddy gets some tickle time!

If you want to create your own, all you need are two things: 1. A plain white cotton shirt & 2. Some fabric markers.

Daddy's Race Track Tickle Shirt
Here’s an example of two different types of fabric markers, but there would be plenty of others out there…you could even use fabric paint & use a paint brush!

Daddy's Race Track Tickle Shirt

Now I’m a very ‘get things done yesterday’ kind of gal so I just drew the image straight on to the shirt, but if you are more cautious, you can draw your initial design onto tracing or baking paper then put the paper under the back side of the shirt & trace it on. I wish I had of ironed the shirt for you and I apologise but again, I couldn’t wait to get started ; )

As per the pic above, you will need to:

1. Draw the initial track design ‘outline’

2. Draw in the ‘inner’ line to create the ‘lane/track’

3. Add in embellishments such as ‘finish line’, ‘warning rails’, trees etc – you are only limited by your imagination. You could also create a suburban street shirt with houses, shops, police stations etc but my husband loves fast cars so a race track it was to be.

4. I then added in a few signs to make it a little more authentic. Every race track needs a ‘Castrol’ sign right! Then of course the ‘Ford’ sign – just for hubby.

Daddy's Race Track Tickle Shirt

I also added ‘Daddy’s Race Track’ too. This is the finished product, proudly modelled by Daddy (Tickle-ee in waiting).

Daddy's Race Track Tickle Shirt

Daddy's Race Track Tickle Shirt

The kids had a ball with this one…and I’m sure this shirt will get many a wear!

Daddy's Race Track Tickle Shirt

Warning: Don’t try this manoeuvre at home lol!

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