November 30, 2022

Halloween Cup Decorations

Easy Halloween Decorations


WOW! These have to be the easiest Halloween decorations I’ve ever made!

I found the inspiration for these here at Repiny.

All you need are some orange plastic cups, a permanent marker and some battery operated tea lights. **Don’t use real candles or the cups will melt!!

Simply draw on some spooky faces and place a light underneath – done :).

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21 thoughts on “Halloween Cup Decorations

  1. This are so cute! I am really surprised at how bright those little tea lights make the cups. I know they sell those tea lights at the dollar store and I bet I could find some orange cups at the dollar store, too. What a perfect last minute Halloween craft. Thanks!

  2. I love the safety of this idea especially for a party, I bet large orange bowl with the larger candles would work great for pumpkins and could be stackable

  3. I think this would be a great idea but will the tea lights be strong enough to light up the cups? Which brand of cups were used in photo?

    1. Hi Rita, these cups were purchased at a party supply store. The lights work great underneath them – you would be surprised how much light comes off those tea lights when they’re inside a small container like this :).

      Louise x

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