November 17, 2023

Squishy Paint Creatures

Squishy Paint Creatures

Do you remember doing ‘Squishy Painting’ when you were a kid? I know I sure do! For such little effort you get such great results!

The kids just love to squish, squelch & squash the paint between the paper! It makes for some great sensory play!

We’ve added a bit of a ‘twist’ to the old school ‘Squishy Painting’ and have added googley eyes and pipe cleaners to make SQUISHY PAINT CREATURES!

Squishy Paint Creatures

You will need:

Paint (at least 3 different colours for the best effect…we used this super cool fluro paint!)

White paper or card

Googley eyes

Pipe cleaners


Squishy Paint Creatures

Step 1

Dollop on globs of paint towards the centre of the paper

Step 2

Fold your paper in half

Step 3

Squish, squash & squelch the paint all around the paper

Step 4

Unfold your paper to reveal your masterpiece

Step 5

Add on googly eyes and pipe cleaners to create your CREATURE! – you won’t need any glue for this if you do it whilst the paint is still wet : )

Squishy Paint Creature

I think this one is my favourite…we named him ‘Fly Guy’….we also loved ‘Mrs Broccoli Head’ too!

That’s the best part about this activity, there will never be one the same!

Happy Squishing!

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