Easy DIY Family Handprint Keepsake
November 28, 2020

Easy DIY Family Handprint Keepsake

Easy DIY Family Handprint Keepsake

I just love this canvass hanging on my wall. It’s a moment of my family’s life frozen in time. This makes a great gift for Mother’s and/or Father’s Day!

All you need to create your own is:

A canvass (long enough to fit all of your family’s prints)

Black paint (I used acrylic – best washed off asap)

Red paint (or red felt/nikko)

Paint brush

1). Paint the hand, the kids love this part because it tickles! If you use  a paint brush to add the paint, it’s much easier and it creates a much cleaner, more even print.

photo-74 copy 3

2). Place the hand carefully onto the canvass making sure you press down each finger and the palm. Often the palm does not press down entirely, so paint this section in if you wish. Try to evenly space out your handprints to ensure there will be enough room for the ‘+’ and ‘=’ symbols.

3). Paint/draw the plus and equals symbols in and you are done!

A wonderful piece of art that represents a moment in your family’s time to cherish for years to come.

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