November 30, 2022

Hoppity Hop Rabbit Feet – Easy & Adorable Easter Craft


Hoppity Hop Rabbit Feet – Easy & Adorable Easter Craft

I found this craft via Spoonful and just fell in love with it knowing right away that Little Miss A would LOVE these…turns out, I was right! (of course I was, this involves shoes AND accessories!).

I made a few modifications to mine, i.e: I used ribbon instead of shoelace (Miss A doesn’t have any shoes with shoelaces yet so I did them with ribbon…you can tie them at the back like a ballet slipper, super cute!). I also used glitter foam…so girly!

Hopppity Hop Rabbit Feet 2

What you will need 

Pink craft foam

White craft foam

White or pink pom poms

Googly Eyes

Pink Jingle Bells

Pink Ribbon



Glue Gun or Craft Glue

Hoppity Rabbit Feet 3

On the craft foam, draw the shape of a bunny’s face with a pencil. It should be approximately 8cms wide and 12cms high.

Then cut the shape out & trace it on another piece of pink foam & cut this one out also.

Hoppity Hop Rabbit Feet 4

Then cut out 2 shapes for the insides of the ears (for both rabbit faces) & glue in place

Cut 2 lengths of ribbon – approximately 90cms each

Hoppity Hop Rabbit Feet 5

Make 2 slits next to each other using the scissors on each face & thread through the ribbon so that both ends are at the back of your rabbit face.

Turn your rabbit face over & glue the jingle bell over the ribbon, then glue the 2 pom poms below the jingle bell to make the bunny cheeks & add your googly eyes.



Tie the ribbon to the back of your child’s leg (over their shoe) and off they go…hopping down the bunny trail!


Hoppity Hop Rabbit Feet

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