November 17, 2023

DIY ‘Bling’ Magnets

DIY Bling Magnets

There is nothing prettier than glitter! And I am a HUGE fan of ‘blinging up’ anything! We love magnets over at Paging Fun Mums and after my sister in law sent me this idea (via Pinterest) so I thought we would give it a try!

They are inexpensive & easy to make , would make a wonderful gift for any occasion & they look very sweet on the fridge holding up photos & the kids art work!

What you will need:

DIY Bling Magnets

Glass, flat backed marbles/stones (found at most $2 shops near the marbles)

Mod Podge



Paint brush

Glue Gun

I set up a little crafting area for the kids to get creative then put all of the different glitters into a craft container.

DIY Bling Magnets

The first step is to paint the flat back side of your marble with a thin layer of Mod Podge.

DIY Bling Magnets

Then dip the painted side into the glitter so it sticks!

DIY Bling Magnets

DIY Bling Magnets

DIY Bling Magnets

DIY Bling Magnets

Let them dry (about 2 hours), then glue gun on the magnet to the underside (the side in which the glitter is on – so the reflection of the glitter is showing through to the front : ) Voila! So easy!

DIY Bling Magnets

You could use these as mini paper weights, use them in a pendant, brooch or ring, the options are only limited by your imagination!

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22 thoughts on “DIY ‘Bling’ Magnets

    1. Thank you Leslie, kids certainly do love glitter….as do their Mummy’s : ). You certainly could use Elmers glue. I’ve actually never used it before myself, but I know it’s just as good, if not better than hot glue. Hope this helps! Jenni x

  1. Hi there these are a great idea!! I was wondering where you bought the little flat backed marbles from?

    1. Hi Emma, I bought them from ‘Bargain Box’ which is a $2 shop near me. I’ve also seen them at Spotlight. I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to find them at your local $2 shop (they will be near the bags of marbles). Hope this helps ☺ Jenni x

      1. Thank you Jenni! Will pop in to Spotlight and have a look! My cheeky monkey will love this activity! I think they would make a cute little gift!!

      2. No problem at all! I still have mine all over the fridge! They really are pretty!
        Let us know how you go…maybe send us a photo? I’m sure our likers would love to see how another Fun Mum went

    1. Hi Teresa, Mod Podge is a highly versatile adhesive that can be used for any number of crafts & it dries clear. You can get it from any craft store : ) Jenni x

  2. Love this idea! Was thinking of using the smaller glass marbles I have on hand & putting them in different colored bottle tops with the magnet attached to it. ;-).

  3. I am looking around for ideas for presents the pre-schoolers at work could make for mother’s day. I think these would be great.

  4. I just wanted to say “Thank You” for all of the wonderful ideas. I always want to do fun things with my girls (11 & 3) but I just don’t have much creativity myself. LOL I will absolutely be doing some of these great activities! I loved the magnets and the “Frozen” silly putty! Best wishes from the States! 🙂

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