November 30, 2022

Thumbprint Flower Pot – Lovely gift for any green ‘thumb’

Thumbprint Flower Pot

My Mother loves gardening – flowers, plants, herbs, you name it, she LOVES it. The kids and I wanted to make her something special for Mother’s Day so we thought a ‘Thumbprint Pot’ would be perfect! We especially love the message “Thumbody Loves You” too cute!

You will need:

Kids Thumb Print Flower Pot!

Paint (we used acrylic)

Paint brush

Pot (we have used a terracotta one here, but you can use whatever you like)

Spray adhesive (we used Craft Smart matt spray)

Permanent pens

Potting mix

Plant/flower or Herb of your choice

Some cute little thumbs!

Kids Thumb Print Flower Pot!

A great little tip is to paint their tiny thumb rather than dipping it into the paint – this ensures a smoother print (and more importantly…less mess!).

So paint your little thumbs and print them all over your pot.

Kids Thumb Print Flower Pot!

I already had a ‘garden’ theme in mind, so I wanted lady bugs, flowers, bees, caterpillars and birds. Co-ordinate your colours to match the creatures you want to create & have a basic plan in your head of where you would like everything to go : )

Once you have made all of your prints, let it dry completely (we left ours overnight, but I imagine it would need at least 2 hours). Then you can draw in the remaining parts with the permanent pens. We added spots for the lady bugs, stripes for the bees, beaks & feet for the birds etc – you get the drift ; )

Kids Thumb Print Flower Pot!

Kids Thumb Print Flower Pot!

We also added the cute little message ‘Thumbody Loves You”…cute touch right  : )

Kids Thumb Print Flower Pot!

Kids Thumb Print Flower Pot!

Kids Thumb Print Flower Pot!

Then spray your project with your spray adhesive – this will ensure your prints lasts longer & will be a little more water resistant!

Now you have finished decorating your pot, add your potting mix and choice of plant!

I know my Mother will love this & it will be something she will cherish…there’s nothing sweeter than the cute little thumb prints of your Grandchildren!

If you do this project, we would love to see some photos! Post them in the comments below : )

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2 thoughts on “Thumbprint Flower Pot – Lovely gift for any green ‘thumb’

  1. My little boy and I made this for my mum as they do a lot of gardening together, but I wanted to make one for my mother in law as well. Trouble is she lives in the UK and posting a pot wasn’t really an option, so we made a similar version on a plain white cotton apron. Instead of the bugs we made an apple tree using brown footprints for the trunk and branches, green hand prints for the leaves, and red thumb prints for the apples. Easy!

    1. Oh my gosh Harriet, that’s a beautiful idea! You’ll be getting brownie points from both Mums! Well done you and thanks for sharing!! Jenni x

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