November 17, 2023

Super Fun Lunchbox Ideas

Super Fun Lunch Box Ideas

I like to have a bit of fun with Master L’s kindy lunch box. Don’t get me wrong, it’s certainly not every day, but I like the idea that every now and then he will open his lunch box and get a big surprise with what he finds! He loves Angry Birds & he also loves the movie Monsters Inc so I decided to incorporate those characters into this ‘lunchbox creation’

Super Fun Lunch Box Ideas

This is my food version of Mike Wazowski from Monsters Inc. Cut a green apple in half, cut a cheese slice into the shape for his mouth. I used a boiled egg for his eye white (cut a small circle from the flesh), then added a circle of apple skin, then a small end of a black olive.

Super Fun Lunch Box Ideas

Here’s my little Angry Bird using Babybel cheese. I cut the bottom semi circle using a small, sharp kitchen knife. Cut a triangle shape from a cheese slice for his beak, 2 circles from the white from a boiled egg & used olives for the angry eyebrows and pupils.

Super Fun Lunch Box Ideas

For this section of his lunchbox, I used cos lettuce to create a lovely backdrop. Peeled a mandarin and arranged for the flower head & added a red grape for the centre. The stalk is a small slice of celery. I used cherry tomatoes for the little hearts – cut the ends at a 45 degree angle and pin together. I have these cute bento pins that I bought from ‘Neat 2 Eat’ so cute! Then I made a lady bug from a Babybel cheese round. I opened out the wax layer to form wings, then decorated with black olives!

Super Fun Lunch Box Ideas

The sandwich is really easy. Cut off the crusts (except for the top for his hair). Then cut 2 small circles from a cheese slice for the eye whites & black olive pieces for the pupils. Then I used a Cheerio (breakfast cereal) for the little mouth. I added a little note for Master L too  : )

Super Fun Lunch Box Ideas

We made these cute caterpillar’s a while back & used this idea for lolly bags for Valentine’s day  – click here  for the DIY details.

I used a sandwich bag , on one side I added green grapes and on the other red. Then added the caterpillar to create a cute lunchbox butterfly. I found the cute little tag over at ‘Skip to my Lou‘, they have loads of free lunchbox printables!

I have some other lunchbox ideas for you too! You can check them out here.

There are so many ways you can inject a little fun into your little one’s day…just by playing with your food!

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