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November 27, 2020

Amazing Online Kids Magic School launches

Nickleby’s Magic School is a fantastic way to entertain the kids, give them confidence & social skills AND teach them some jaw dropping Magic Tricks!

We are so excited to tell you about OUR FRIEND’S brand new magic school. Yes, we are bragging and we’re totally ok with it. We are so lucky to call Nickleby the Magician our friend and we are so grateful that he’s bringing the magic to your kids during this tough time. He is finally launching his very own Magic School! Not only will this content entertain your kids (without you having to do any work), it’s educational and by the time school gets back to normal, they’ll have a range of amazing magic tricks under their belts to show off! This will enhance your child’s creativity, confidence, problem solving skills, team work, communication and social skills. See, we told you this was good!

There are Four new lessons added every month.

You will have access to a private Facebook Magic Club and you’ll get

The one and only Nickleby’s feedback on the kids performance!

The magic school is suitable for children ages 7 – 12 yrs and only costs $5.95 a month!

Click here to sign up now and get your kids creating some magic an making some amazing memories during these crazy times!

Read on to learn more!

Covid-19 has made many of the small things we value in our daily life simply disappear. Lunches out with friends, heading to the gym and even access to kindergartens and schools. But international magician, Nick Britt, also known as Nickleby, is making sure magic isn’t one of them.

Like many entertainers, Nick’s industry was hit hard – he saw 60 of his shows vanish overnight. However, as a seasoned performer, he knew the show must go on – this time pivoting from his usual stage shows to set up an online magic school for kids. Nickleby’s Magic School is a brand new online magic school with tutorials on how to make objects disappear or how to perform the infamous flying trick you’ve seen but never been quite able to master.

Access, anywhere, anytime.

For many families restricted by where they can go or even in full lockdown, the magic school comes as a welcome relief as ideas of how to entertain children slowly run out. “This is all about making magic accessible to kids and offering them an activity to build their confidence so when the Covid-19 restrictions are over, they can emerge with a new skill set and the confidence to perform well”.  As a father of four, Nick also understands the importance of not just entertaining kids but giving them a learning experience that helps them in other aspects of life. “Magic isn’t just about getting the techniques down pat, it’s about building up confidence in children through performance and communication.” “It’s also about building their creativity and problem-solving skills – magic is an art form with creativity at the basis of it – plus if something goes a little awry on stage you need all the problem-solving skills you can muster!” 

The demand for magic classes for children

Having performed for over a decade now, Nick says he’s received calls and emails weekly saying ‘my child loves magic, would you offer them lessons?’ And while the demand for magic tutorials has always been there, time restraints prevented Nick from running any. “I always had to decline due to my busy performance schedule that involved a tonne of travel. However with so many of my shows cancelled this year, I knew now was the perfect time to get innovating and create this magic school that will bring hours of entertainment and learning to kids.”

How the magic school works

Nickleby’s Magic School will feature a host of quality magic tutorials for all levels, each one
designed in a simple step-by-step format that’s easy to follow. The accessories needed will be items you can simply find around the home so there’s no need to worry about going out and shopping for them or getting things shipped to you. Nickleby’s Magic School runs on a monthly subscription basis at USD $5.95 so you can access the content for as long as you need each month. And the best part – no parental supervision is required! “I wanted the school to be able to keep kids learning, entertained and excited during even the longest days of Covid-19 restrictions,” says Nick. He would also argue that these tutorials would be perfect to incorporate into your child’s curriculum if you’re teaching them from home.

The show must go on
Nickleby is now thankful for the world tour he did in January this year – filming magic globally in as many cultures as possible. Nick says that jumping on 22 flights in just five weeks is something he’ll no longer take for granted, no matter how bad the jet-lag is! Here’s to many hours of learning and entertainment at Nickleby’s Magic School.
To see the magic school online click here.

Get on board guys, this is amazing!

Jen x

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