November 29, 2022

Start 2016 ‘Your Way’ with better health, fitness and family happiness!

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Most of us recognise that we should eat better, move more and generally look after ourselves better; but the fact of the matter is we’re all busy. Juggling work and family commitments is no easy feat and it wasn’t until l was introduced to the newly innovated Weight Watchers Your Way Program that l realised it wasn’t as hard as l once thought and this made me excited to implement some positive changes.

As a busy mum, I understand the challenges of sticking to a regimented diet and finding the time to get to the gym. What I absolutely LOVE about the Weight Watchers Your Way Program is that IT’S NOT A DIET! It’s a holistic lifestyle approach that is tailored to your goals, equips you with the tools you need, and enables you to make healthy and regular exercise a natural part of your life. We are excited to share details about the newly refreshed Program with you, as well as share a FUN Bedtime Yoga routine for you to try with the kids.

Weight Watchers has been around for many years, in fact a close friend and I took part in their Program eight years ago. I was a point counting pro, and she and I helped each other to achieve our weight-loss goals. So understandably, I was very interested to hear more about Weight Watchers Your Way and how it might be a better fit for me now as a busy mum.

The new Program consists of three key pillars; FOOD, FIT and FEEL. The fact that personalised lifestyle approach means that it’s perfectly suited to busy mums like me, allowing people to tackle FOOD, FITness and FEELing good, Your Way.


In the lead up to the Christmas season, it’s so easy to get off track and gorge on delicious Christmas turkey and treats. The great think about the WW Your Way Program is that you don’t have to give up these festive favourites. In fact I was shocked at the variety of easy-to-follow delicious recipes available. Here is one of my favourites that will leave your Christmas guests guilt-free. You’ll be surprised just how easy these Salmon ceviche, cucumber and lime witlof cups are to make! View, download and print the recipe here.

Salmon ceviche, cucumber & lime witlof cups! Beautiful for all those Christmas parties!


Being healthy is not just about what you eat, or how much you exercise, it’s also about feeling good. Things like downtime and getting enough sleep are detrimental to your overall happiness. Being a mum means we generally can’t guarantee we’ll get a good night’s sleep but trying to go to bed earlier or at a reasonable time can have a great affect on your happiness. I love the introduction of the FEEL pillar in the Weight Watchers Your Way Program I believe it’s easiest to be the BEST fun mum I can be when I FEEL good. This is definitely something I’ve noticed within my own household – my patience and energy levels are much higher when I’m looking after myself, giving me more energy to actively play and have fun with my children.

I try to dedicate 30 minutes a day to getting active, and quite often this involves me chasing after my children on their bikes, walking them to school. I also try to take advantage of my local gym’s crèche (a great way to meet new friends and get social). I always feel happier after I exercise, especially if it’s out in the fresh air with my kids! I also love our evening yoga routine as this often gives me the chance to unwind and relax with my children which makes for an even happier evening.

Make a positive change today!


One of the most significant changes l can see from the new Weight Watchers Program is the emphasis on exercise and introduction of Fit Points™ – which measure your movement and exercise. When you’re a busy working mother like me, exercise needs to be flexible, when you join Weight Watchers, you are given a personalised weekly FitPoints™ goal and access easy-to-follow workout guides and support to assist you in achieving your goals with greater flexibility. It’s so important to lead by example where our children are concerned. Quite often we insist they eat healthy and play sports, and yet we don’t model the same behaviour (I know I’ve been guilty of that in the past).

The beauty of the Weight Watchers Program is that you can approach it your own way, and there are many ways you can implement activity and exercise into your life without even realising it.  Weight Watchers takes all types of exercise into account so you can start small and work your way up to the fitness and health goals you’ve set.

Bedtime Yoga for kids!

About six months ago we introduced Bedtime Yoga into our home after my seven and three-year-olds were having trouble sleeping. I was also feeling stressed and tired and thought this might be something we could all do as a family to improve our overall wellbeing.

We noticed a dramatic improvement in our children’s sleeping habits within just a few short weeks and I’m happy to report that we haven’t had a rough night in months (knock on wood). I’m sure that the calming music, stretching and breathing help to relax their growing bodies and prepare them for a good night’s sleep.

Kids Bedtime Yoga Routine

It’s not just the children who’ve noticed a difference either! Both my husband and I feel better since we started and it’s transformed our bedtime routine into quality family time doing something that brings joy and wellness into our lives. We feel this routine would be great combined with the new and improved Weight Watchers Program.

Plus, I can now add Yogi Master to my ‘Mum Resume’ – LOL..

I would love to hear about any activities you enjoy doing as a family – why not share some in the comments below.
Bedtime yoga is just one example of how you can get fit and healthy with your family in a fun way. Weight Watchers Exercise Scientist Martha Lourey-Bird has provided her top tips on how to stay fit as a family.

  • Kids are going to struggle with fitness if they aren’t enjoying what they’re doing. Here are some age-appropriate exercises that will encourage the whole family to get out there.
  • Ages 1–5 Buy active play equipment, such as bicycles and balls. Arrange daily outings to a playground that has climbing equipment. Enroll in weekly swimming lessons and let your children walk rather than always sitting in a pram
  • Ages 6–11 Encourage activities such as swimming, bike and scooter riding, Frisbee, bowling, bat and ball, kite flying and trampolining. Organise family fun excursions to the beach, park, rock climbing center or ice-skating rink.
  • Ages 12–18 Support active interests, such as bike riding, skateboarding and surfing. Encourage your children to walk to the bus stop and local shops or play competitive sports on the weekends, such as netball, soccer or rugby.
  • Ages 19–55 Join a gym, go to Pump or Pilates classes, train for a fun run or get friends together for a weekly game of football or tennis. Book active holidays rather than trips where you end up lying under a beach umbrella. Try social outings, like a ‘walk and talk’ for mums (instead of coffee and cake) or touch footy for dads (instead of beer at the pub).
  • Ages 55+ Continue doing incidental exercise, such as housework, gardening and walking, but keep exercise fun and social by joining gym classes or Tai Chi, line dancing, aqua fitness, or playing golf and bowls with friends.

Weight Watchers Your Way continues to be a fully personalised and tailored Program to help improve your lifestyle. The scientifically backed new Program is not a diet; it’s a way of living. It’s about falling in love with food again, enjoying getting active, improving your overall wellness and discovering how good you’re meant to feel. What’s not to love about that?!

Louise x
Household Yogi Master 😉

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  1. I always need all the healthy living advice I can get. It’s so easy to become too busy to think about it, even though we all know it’s important! Love the yoga ideas.

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