November 17, 2023

Easter Chicks – an adorable handmade Easter Gift!

So Adorable!

I wanted to make a little Easter Gift for Master L’s new Kindy teachers (you can never be too nice to teachers right ; ). I had loads of yellow pom poms so I naturally thought..chicks! These are so quick and easy to make and they just look adorable!

Easter Chicks 1Here is what you will need (for 1 chick) 2 large yellow pom poms 2 smaller pom poms 2 small googly eyes 1 small Easter Egg Orange card White card Scissors Pen Glue gun 1 magnet (optional) How To The first step is to glue gun the small pom pom to the top of the larger pom pom.

Easter Chicks 2Then glue the two googly eyes on. Now get to cutting all of your shapes from the orange card. I eyeballed all of them, they don’t have to be perfect! You will need one diamond shape for the beak, two wings & two feet.

Easter Chicks 3

Easter Chicks 5

Easter Chicks 7Fold the diamond shape in half & glue to your chick.

Easter Chicks 8

Then cut out your ‘sign’ using the white card. Mine was 6cm long by 3cm high but it will depend on the size of your pom poms.

Easter Chicks 9Glue the ‘wings’ to each side of the sign.

Easter Chicks 10Add your Easter Egg & your Easter Message to the sign.

Easter Chicks 11 Then glue gun the whole piece to the centre of your chick.

Easter Chicks 12

Then add the feet! Easy! As an option, you can glue gun on a magnet to the back of your chick to be kept on the fridge for display! You are ready to impress your kiddies teachers! Have fun! Jenni x

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