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November 27, 2020

Cute DIY Planters Out of Plastic Bottles

These Cute DIY Planters Out of Plastic Bottles were SO much FUN to make at home! The bunny makes a perfect Easter Basket that can then be transformed into a pot plant! The best thing about this craft activity is the fact that you most likely have everything you need at home already! No need to leave the house! 

What you’ll need – 

  • Clean Plastic Bottle 
  • Lighter (adult use only!)
  • Stanley Blade (adult use only!)
  • Scissors 
  • PVA Glue
  • Acrilic Paints 
  • Whiteboard Marker
  • Black Sharpie 

Carefully heat the end of your Stanley Blade with the lighter, this will make cutting the top off the soda bottle so much easier! Once you’ve removed the top you can draw the animal design you want.

TIP: Using a whiteboard marker makes it easier to redo anything if you’re not happy with the shape and to also easily remove before painting. 

Use scissors to cut the remaining design out. 

Mix half and half paint with PVA glue (this will make the paint ‘stick’ to the smooth plastic surface). 

We did two layers of white paint before decorating the remainder. We used extra leftover plastic to cut flowers for the Unicorn, we then used a hot glue gun to stick them on. 

We hope you enjoy this video showing all the steps! 

Lou x 

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