November 30, 2022

Cute Caterpillar Peg Craft – includes video tutorial

There's too much cute in this!

Aren’t these the sweetest little things?! They are so very easy to make too!
Check out our video tutorial at the top of this post.

Items you will need:

Wooden Pegs
Small Pom Poms
Googly Eyes
Craft Glue and
Magnets (optional)
All of these can be found at your local $2 or craft store!

The left-over materials can be used for many more crafts. Watch this space ; )

Then it’s just a matter of adding glue to the peg & sticking on the pom poms (its a good idea to glue the googly eyes on the first pom pom, then glue it to the peg) but whatever works at the time.

Oh the concentration!

Easy does it!


Tah Dah Mummy!
So easy & soooo cute! I then added a magnet to the bottom of each and they now adorn my fridge – they are great for holding onto photos! Oh, and as a side note, just make sure you don’t glue down the ‘magnetic’ side of the magnets to the pegs (i.e. don’t have a ‘blonde moment’ like I did!…hello Grade 8 Science!).
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