August 11, 2023

Aussie Day Puppet Show – (Louise)

Australia Day is one of my family’s favourite days to celebrate – we usually spend it with family and friends at the beach and having a big backyard BBQ….unfortunately due to ex-tropical cyclone Oswald we were forced to spend the weekend indoors.

Little Miss M and I decided to do some colouring in – I bought some Aussie animal cut-outs from the craft store a few weeks back and thought they would be appropriate. Miss M suggested we could add a stick to them and make puppets (such a crafty little girl)…it kind of snowballed from there into her own Australia Day puppet show :).

Welcome to the show...
Welcome to the show…

Both Daddy and Baby M enjoyed the show – all that was missing was some popcorn!

Funny girl in her beanie lol.
Funny girl in her beanie lol.

I’m so glad we were able to create some happy memories this Australia Day (even without the beach & BBQ).

Happy Australia Day!
Louise x

PS. I think we’re going to be hosting a lot more Puppet Shows in the future – especially on rainy days!

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