No Cook Peppermint Playdough Recipe

No Cook Peppermint Playdough

My kids LOVE Playdough! We are going through so many recipes! We’ve done our Summery Lemon Playdough, our Strawberry Scented, No Cook Playdough and our very popular Soft as a Cloud Playdough – using only 2 ingredients. After we did our Strawberry Playdough, I thought I would try a Peppermint version.

I used our No Cook Playdough Recipe and added green food colouring & Peppermint Essential Oil and it turned out wonderfully! Hours of play, coming your way!

To make your own you will need:

No Cook Peppermint Playdough

1 cup of flour

1/2 cup of salt

2 tbs of cream of tartar

1 tbs of oil

Green food colouring (as much as required for the colour you desire…we used about 20 drops)

1 cup of boiling water

10 drops of Peppermint Essential Oil


Mix all ingredients except the boiling water together into a large mixing bowl

Add the boiling water and mix well (Note, the food colouring will mix in better if added to the boiling water) Please take care when using boiling water around children.

Stir well until the mixture is well combined – you may find you will need to knead it to incorporate all of the colour evenly.

That’s it! In 5 minutes you have whipped up your very own Peppermint smelling Playdough!

This stores really well in an airtight container too : )

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