May 4, 2022

Protecting your Children with iPads & iPhones

We all hear we should protect our kids online but very rarely are we shown exactly how to do it.

Earlier this year I had a chance discussion with Colin Dunkerley – The iPad Man, as our daughters do Nippers together. He teaches seniors how to use the iPad… imagine that! (He must have the patience of a saint!). Anyway we got onto a story about an experience he went through with his older daughter online and all I could do was think about what if that happened to me.
He had others stories too, about what his friends and neighbours had gone through where their kids were the ones ruling the house with technology because the parents didn’t know what to do.

When asked to help Colin would find multiple adult Apps like “101 Sex positions” – yes they are on the App Store! Just type “sex” in the search bar of the App Store (I never thought to do this and was blown away at the results!) and history of the kids watching porn on their devices.

I was genuinely concerned about the lack of control I had on my own kids devices and I knew I had to do something about it so asked if Colin could build a course for all our Mums (and Dads).

That course is now ready and we have convinced The iPad Man to do a special deal on it for you. It will normally sell for $49 but for a limited time EXCLUSIVE to Paging Fun Mums readers you can get it for only $7. He is also throwing in a “How To Use The Notes App” course valued at $49 for FREE!!

The course is broken down into many short, step-by-step videos making it easy to follow and more importantly, implement.

I wish you could have seen our reaction when we watched it. The amount of features we did not know about and all of these things we could be doing to protect our kids and weren’t made us feel like bad mums!

As Colin says, don’t wait for something bad to happen to your kids.

Be proactive and invest a small amount of time and money, grab this course now to make sure your kids are protected.

Thank you for investing in your child’s safety!

Jenni & Louise xx

DISCLAIMER: This course is for Apple iPads, iPhone & iPad Touches only. It has no instructions for Android devices. Whilst this is not a sponsored blog we may be paid an affiliate commission on any sales.

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