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November 27, 2020

5 Delicious Recipes using Leftover Roast Chicken

This post is brought to you by Steggles who are Stegglers for Quality Time!

If you have kids, then you will know it is often hard to get a good conversation happening.

My 8 year old son is especially hard to get to open up.

Up until we came up with three questions to ask our kids it used to go down like this:

Me: “How was your day today buddy?”
Son: “Good”
Me: “Did you have fun?’
Son: “Yep”

When the kids started school, it was a little daunting knowing that I will no longer know every little thing they experience.

I’m all for independence, but I’d still like a small satellite to follow them around so I know exactly what’s going on please! A little to much to ask? Yes, agreed!

When we sit down to our family dinner meal now, we make sure we always ask the following three questions:

What was something that made you smile today?

What was something that made you sad today?

What is something that you learned today?

The ‘what made you smile today’, gets the conversation off to a positive start. It makes them happy to reflect on something positive. I often delve a little further too “what did you enjoy about that?”, “do you hope that will happen again?”.

The ‘what made you sad today’ is about learning that, as we know in life, not everything goes our way, not everything turns out as we planned. This is a great opener to talk to the kids about this and how to bounce back from negative situations and how to look at the positive side and reflect on that.

The ‘what is something you learned today’ question gets them excited about their education and we talk about how important it is to be passionate about learning. We’ll often research (Google) what they’ve learnt and talk more about that too. Often something they learned has nothing to do with school either, it might be “I learned to be a kind friend” or “I learned to put my hand up before I speak in class”. Either way, it opens the door for some great family conversation!

If you’re looking for some yummy and easy meal ideas to have your conversation over, you’ve come to the right place!

We’ve put together five family recipes using left over roast chicken!

We all know how easy it is to pop on a Roast Chicken for dinner. My kids LOVE it! I often have left overs though. Sometimes they end up on wraps with a bit of salad, but sometimes I like to get a little creative and make new meals! Our favourite chicken to cook with is of course Steggles!

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Ok, let’s get to these delicious recipes!

Try out these Chicken Lettuce Cups for something a little different! The flavours are unbelievable and they’re super fun to eat!

Check out the video of me making these at home:

(video inserted here)

Grab the recipe here.

These Chicken and Corn Tacos are delicious!

Click here for this simple & fun to make recipe.

Perhaps you’d like to try this super tasty Chicken Supreme Pizza! Pizza never fails in our house!

Click here for this winning recipe.

These Chicken and Salsa Verde Quesadillas are not only a yummy dinner idea, but they are perfect for the kids lunchboxes too!

Click here for the clever recipe.

Here’s another great idea for the kids lunchbox! Vietnamese Style Chicken Wraps. Another absolute winner with the kids!

Click here for the easy peasy recipe!

Do you have any other left over chicken recipes? I’d love to see them! Please leave them in the comments!

Jen x

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