November 16, 2023

Petbarn’s Biggest Pet Loser Challenge…oh and MEET SAM WOOD!

Baxter…my very spoilt kitty cat

This post is sponsored by Petbarn.

I am officially saying goodbye and good riddance to 2016! I am welcoming 2017 with a smiley face and wide open arms! To start my year, I have decided to look after my health, start eating the right foods and get fit. I not only want this for myself, but that of my cat Baxter…yes that’s right, my cat! We all tend to take our pet’s health for granted and often think that ‘loving them’ is by giving them special treats which can often lead to obesity. I am guilty of this and also guilty of watching TV with Baxter on my lap…I should be spending that time in the yard with him, chasing string and getting our heart rates going! So I am changing things up!

Petbarn in conjunction with Greencross Vets are running a ‘Petbarn’s Biggest Pet Loser’ challenge at They are encouraging pet owners to help pets get rid of their ‘puppy fat’ and improve the general health and fitness of pets and their ‘pet parents’.

Join in with me and Baxter! We’ll need the encouragement. To register, simply head to By registering, you automatically go into the running to be one of ten shortlisted pets and their owners to participate in a 12-week fitness journey with ex Bachelor – Sam Wood on his ’28 by Sam Wood’ online training and nutrition program AND have the chance to win a $2000 Petbarn voucher and $1000 cash. You’ll even get a personalised consultation from Sam himself! (Meow!)

Sam Wood…nothing else needs to be said

The winning ‘Petbarn’s Biggest Pet Loser’ will be judged based on the percentage loss of their overall weight with major prizes to be won. Registrations close on 1 March 2017. T&Cs apply.

Look how precious Sam’s dog Hendrix is!

It’s very interesting to read some of the articles on the Petbarn website about your pet’s well being. This particular article sparked my interest.

What to feed cats: The best cat food for your furry friend

I suddenly realised that I am over feeding poor Baxter. After speaking to a consultant at Petbarn, I realised I was feeding Baxter DOUBLE of what he actually needed. No wonder the poor guy is packing on the pounds. Every pet is different and has different dietary requirements, based on their life stage, age, breed, size and shape. Nutrition can play an active role in keeping our pets healthy and happy.

I’ve also learnt that I am not necessarily feeding my little furry friend with the correct food. I am now feeding him Advance Hairball Dry food and for a little change up the Advance (with delicate Tuna) wet food. Baxter mainly prefers dry food but often has a hankering for some yummy wet food (another helpful fact, did you know that cat’s that have a diet mainly consisting of wet food need more water?)

For our dog loving Fun Mums, this article may take your fancy:

What can’t dogs eat: Toxic foods for dogs

I had NO idea that chocolate contains ‘theobromine’ which can be toxic for puppy dogs and can cause them to vomit!

There are plenty of healthy options for your pooch or kitty cat at Petbarn, it’s really opened my eyes and made me realise that Baxter needs 100% looking after. Now that I am more informed, I am going to do just that!

He deserves it

So Fun Mums, let’s do this! Join me in the ‘Petbarn’s Biggest Pet Loser’ challenge and let’s make healthier choices for our beloved pets and ourselves. Get your friends involved (it’s always easier with a buddy). Once again, head to to register and let’s make 2017 the healthiest one yet!

Jen x

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