November 29, 2022

LIVE Kid’s Yoga Class!


This post is sponsored by Fox.

Come and join us LIVE on Facebook to take part in a Children’s Yoga Class!

Come and learn calming Yoga moves to do at home with your own children from our experienced Yoga instructor!

This event is sponsored by Fox to celebrate the digital release of ICE AGE COLLISION COURSE which is out now on DVD, Blu-Ray and digital platforms here:

We’ve got FIVE – ICE AGE Gift Packs to GIVEAWAY too! Simply leave a comment below telling us who your favourite Ice Age Character is and why?

Watch our Facebook LIVE Yoga class video here –

Jen & Lou x

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49 thoughts on “LIVE Kid’s Yoga Class!

  1. Sid is our favourite Ice age character, his looks are enough to make you smile and his personality is hilarious. We loved the yoga session too – thanks ladies!

  2. I LOVE the little squirrel trying to get the nut! Hands down the funniest moments and always exciting when those scenes come on =)

  3. Would have to say scrap. Poor little guy always so close to getting his happy ending with the nut. Good lesson for the kids though….never give up on something you want bad enough.

  4. Scrat the squirrel makes us smile,
    Chasing the acorn many a mile,
    Never gives up, one determined boy,
    Watching his antics fills us with joy!

  5. Scrat! He never gives up and even my youngest with a severe intellectual disability laughs at him due to his antics. No words just actions! Hilarious!

  6. I love Sid and Buck. They are both hilarious- even for an adult. My son loves Scrat and all his unfortunate mishaps.

  7. The Squirrel is the funniest……for sure, and makes my nearly Mr 4 giggle and giggle and giggle, as he watches him tirelessly chase his beloved acorn!!!! #persistence #resilience #adaptiveProblemSolvingSkills #GoalSetting #innovation #nuts #chasingYourDreams #NeverGiveUp

  8. I love Sid the Sloth! He never fails to make me laugh because he is slightly lazy and slightly nerdy–kinda like me ;D

  9. Sid is my favorite character. He is well meaning and helpful yet always manages to get it wrong with funny consequences

  10. My kids love Scrat, and so do I, he shows us all to never give up, to keep trying. If you want something hard enough it can happen.

  11. It’s hard not to love Sid. He’s been there right from the start with his quirky sense of humour, the funny one liners (some, more for the parents, lol) and that adorable lisp……..

  12. Buck. He is funny and i absolutely adore his care free nature and how his plans alwats work out even if they seem crazy. Great character to show the kids that different is unique!

  13. I love Sid! My brother and I were luck to have the same best friend growing up and when the first one came out he always teased that my brother reminded him of Sid! He died in a car crash while my brother was on home leave from the army so we miss him a lot! We watch the movies and tease my brother about being Sid! It’s our way of keeping his memory alive and still getting to laugh!

  14. Its Sid
    Reminds me of my Kid
    Getting in trouble and very annoying
    But mends it with a cuddle
    And I end up smilling

  15. My three kids love the Ice Age Movies, they could watch them over and over again. Their favorite character is Diego. My son says Diego is super strong and fast. My daughter says he always like to help get the others out of trouble. And you know what? I like Diego! He has a wise and loyal character trait. He always has some good “food for thought” that the kids can really learn from.

  16. Sid is our favorite. He is always true to himself despite others opinion. He is funny and always willing to help others. Plus he is darn cute.

  17. Scrat for sure! The way he NUTtily (in a mildly insane manner) brings each movie to life uNUTterably (to an inexpressible degree) perfect to sit back and enjoy watching my, three boys light up with joy, put quite simply, because he is NUTS! 🙂

  18. Has to be scrat he sort of reminds me of me. Trying frantically to get the prize, but something always goes wrong!

  19. Diego – so tough but a heart of gold on the inside, just shows you can’t judge everyone on first impressions

  20. I love all of them but my fav is Buck all the way!
    his craziness makes him really fun and I love the line “Pop goes the weasel! it cracks me up

  21. I love Sid the sloth, he kinda reminds me of my favourite aunt who always teats you better than what you actually deserve. He’s just loveable for his personality and the way he interacts with the other characters.

  22. Ellie so much sass! Such a great mum and wife she totally is the leader of the gang and keeps everyone behaving, like all good mums do.

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