November 16, 2023

Koala Lou Costume

Easy No-Sew Koala Lou Costume idea for Book Week

We’ve just celebrated Book Week here and the theme this year was Australian Books and Authors! My daughter immediately knew which book she wanted to represent – Koala Lou by Mem Fox. This book is a family favourite and so it was a great pleasure to create a costume based on the book.

We decided not to dress up as Koala Lou himself but rather represent the gum tree where the Bush Olympics were held. We took inspiration from the book’s front cover and dressed Miss 8 as the tree with Koala Lou and some red seekers hanging on her branches.

This costume is no-sew and really easy to make using an old shirt or jumper.

Here’s what you’ll need –

  • Green felt in two tones (we used half a meter of each)
  • An old shirt or jumper (to cut up)
  • An old cap (we found this green one at BigW for $3)
  • Baby shoes (we bought a pair for $4 at BigW and coloured them red and white using a marker)
  • Scissors
  • Glue Gun
  • Hole Punch
  • Toy plush Koala
  • Safety pins

Instructions –

Draw leaf designs on your felt in different sizes, cut the leaf shapes out and then punch a hole in one end using the hole punch. Cut long strips up the seam of the shirt and also up the sleeves of the shirt. Attach each leaf by threading the leaf on and then tying a knot to secure (we thought these almost looked like gum nuts!). We then used the glue gun to secure some extra leaves around the neckline and also all over the green hat. Lastly we secured the Koala and shoes using a couple of safety pins.

How to make an easy no-sew Tree Costume!

Miss was so proud of her costume and it was super easy and quick to make! I hope you find this tutorial useful. You might also like these FUN Book Week costume ideas found here.

Louise x

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