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November 27, 2020

DIY Paper Plate Rainbow Clouds


My daughter is in her craft element right now. She wants to do something every afternoon after school…which I LOVE! I had plenty of paper plates in my craft cupboard so we decided to make that our new ‘thing. These DIY Paper Plate Rainbow Clouds were our first craft, but watch this space, there is plenty more to come (including the cutest Lamb Paper Plate craft ever!).

To make your own you will need:

Paper Plates

Coloured paper

Cotton balls




Step 1

Cut your paper plate in half

Step 2

Cut your coloured paper into strips and secure to the back of the paper plate with the glue

Step 3

Turn your plate back over to the front and cover with glue

Step 4

Stick on as many cotton balls as you can so it’s super fluffy and you are done!

This is such an easy and fun craft! We hope you make it for your kiddies!

Jen x

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