Beautiful DIY Headband
October 1, 2021

Beautiful DIY Headband


I recently hosted a My Little Pony High Tea for my daughter and made these gorgeous headbands for her and her little friends.

They cost me about $3 – $4 to make and were so simple to do. You could make these for parties, dance classes, baby showers, dress ups, gifts or just because!

To make your own you will need:

Plain white headbands (found at your local $2 store)

Fake white flowers (again from the $2 store)

Feathers (you can find these in a $2 store of all crafts stores have them)

Glue Gun

PicMonkey Collage

Step 1

Heat up your glue gun

Step 2

Whilst you’re waiting, cut all of the flowers off their stalks and set aside

Step 3

Glue one flower on one far side of the headband

Step 4

Glue a second flower directly next to that

Step 5

Glue the third and final flower on the top of the previous two flowers in the middle

Step 6

Glue three feathers to the back of the flowers so you can see it from the front. Ta da!

We hope you enjoy making these! Don’t forget you can make any colour of the rainbow with these!

What colour would you make?

Jen x

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