Easy DIY Marbled Eggs - includes video tutorial
November 27, 2020

Easy DIY Marbled Eggs – includes video tutorial

Easy DIY Marbled Eggs

The kids and I just love making these! For very little effort you have amazing looking eggs that look like they’ve come from a professional kitchen!

They are great to serve at Easter breakfast or just for decoration.

Check out our video tutorial below!

To make your own Marbled Eggs you will need:

Boiled eggs (as many as you like)

Food colouring – of varying colours

Plastic zip lock bags (one for each egg)

DIY Marbled Eggs

Step 1

Boil your eggs and allow them to cool

Step 2

Lightly tap your eggs on a hard surface to ‘crack’ the shell without breaking it entirely

Step 3

Open a zip lock bag and add a few generous squirts of food colouring then add your egg & swirl around n the colour – then seal the bag

Step 4

Continue adding your cracked eggs into the separate bags with and let them sit for 10 minutes or so

Step 4

Remove your eggs from the bag & give them a wipe using paper towel or a face cloth

Step 5

Peel your eggs entirely to reveal their marbly goodness!

Beautiful marbled eggs

So easy and fun!

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