November 29, 2022

Christmas Silly Putty

Christmas Silly PuttyMy kids LOOOOOVVVE Silly Putty and we’ve made all kinds! We’ve made Jelly/Jello Silly PuttyFrozen Silly Putty and even Glow in the Dark Silly Putty. So of course at Christmas time, what do we make? CHRISTMAS SILLY PUTTY! You guessed it!

To make your own you will need per colour (we made one batch of red & one batch of green)

I bottle of  Clear ‘Elmers’ Glue (118ml)

118 ml (the same amount as the bottle of glue) of water

* 1/2 teaspoon of Borax (I bought mine at Bunnings Hardware store for $8)

1/4 cup hot water

Red/Green Food Colouring

Red/Green Glitter

Red/Green Christmas scatters – we used, reindeers, stars & christmas trees

Red & Green Christmas Silly Putty

Step 1

Pour your clear elmer’s school glue into a bowl

Step 2

Fill that empty bottle with water and add to the bowl – mix until well combined

Step 3

Add a few drops of your red or green food colouring and mix

Step 4

Add in your glitter and table scatters and mix well again

Step 5

In a separate container/cup add 1/4 cup of hot water

Step 6

Add 1/2 teaspoon of Borax to the hot water & stir until it’s dissolved

Step 7

Pour the Borax solution into the glue mixture in the bowl

Step 8

Stir and watch the magic happen! This is the part where your Silly Putty will start to take shape!

Step 9

Keep stirring until all of the mixture has turned into fabulous Christmas Silly Putty

Check out a video of my little girl playing with it below!


Christmas Silly Putty - super fun holiday activity

There are so many ways that my kids play with this stuff! Stretch it, cut it out with cookie cutters, twist it, roll it, make it into a Christmas Tree & add extra stars to it! It’s a wonderful sensory activity!

Christmas Silly Putty - sensory fun

*Please note that Borax is not edible so please make sure that anything including Borax stays away from little mouths and tummies!

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8 thoughts on “Christmas Silly Putty

  1. Hi, how long does it last in the clip lock bags for? And does it need to be put in the fridge? Thanks …kylie

    1. Hi Kylie, Silly Putty lasts forever and a day it seems! I still have some in zip locked bags from months ago! No need to store it in the fridge either 🙂 Jenni x

      1. Is this more like slime, I can’t tell from the cute video. I’m trying to figure out how to make crazy aarons thinking putty?

      2. Hi Carley,

        We think it’s more similar to Silly Putty but we haven’t tried the brand you are referring to. Hope that helps.

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