November 17, 2023

Glow in the dark Coloured Sand

Glow in the dark coloured sand 3

The kids and I had a ball making our DIY Coloured Sand at home…so because we are all about ‘Glow in the dark’ at the moment, I thought I would try a GLOWING version!

All you need is two ingredients & a black light…

Glow in the dark coloured sand 1



Neon/Glow in the dark Paint (non toxic)


Pour one cup of salt (for each colour) into a zip lock bag.

Add a few squeezes of the paint.

Squish & squelch the sand around until the salt has been covered evenly.

Leave the zip lock bags open for a few hours to dry.

Wait for the sun to go down, flick the switch on your black light and watch the magic happen! We put ours into little jars (remember collecting the coloured sand like this when you were a kid!).

Glow in the dark coloured sand 2

Here is the link to the Australian store where we purchased our Fluro Light Fitting and Blacklight tube  from Wide World of Lights. You can also find them via their Facebook Page. You can buy the tube separately if you are lucky enough to have a Fluro Light Fitting at home.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Jenni x

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2 thoughts on “Glow in the dark Coloured Sand

  1. Hi where we live we have sand dunes all around, so I was wondering instead of salt can I use sand?

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