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September 3, 2020

The Big Splash Charity Initiative


Thanks to our friends at Kids Business, we have been informed about ‘The Big Splash Charity Initiative’!

Peppa Pig is collaborating with Life’s Little Treasures Foundation for their new campaign  ‘The Big Splash’, a charity campaign to raise money for premature and sick babies. From March 1 to April 30 people are encouraged to sponsor children to ‘Splash like Peppa’ and participate in fundraising by holding splash parties at the beach, their homes or by attending a Big Splash event held by their local pool, creating as much splash as possible in five minutes. Parents can register their children at and get splashing just like Peppa any time in March and April!

Kids Business hosted a media launch of The Big Splash at the Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre featuring Life’s Little Treasure’s Foundation Ambassador, Olympian Brooke Hanson. Brooke hosted the event and mingled with guests, Brooke has had a premature baby of her own so knows exactly how important the work that Lifes Little Treasures does is.

The Big Splash Charity Initiative

There are four ways to be part of The Big Splash:

Host your own Big Splash event at home
Join a Friend’s Big Splash Event
Join your local swimming pool or club’s Big Splash Event
Join your preschool or childcare centre’s Big Splash Event

As part of this wonderful charity, we are happy to be giving away a Peppa Pig Clothing Pack to one lucky fellow Fun Mum (Australian Residents Only)

Peppa Pig Clothing Pack

1 x Peppa Pig PJ’s (size 5) RRP: $29.99

1 x Peppa Pig girls dressing gown (size 5)

RRP: $32.99 1 x Peppa Pig 4 pack girls brief (size 4-6)

RRP: $10 1 x Peppa Pig vest/ brief set (size 4-6)

RRP: $12 Total: $84.98

Peppa Pig addresses a lot of childhood events such as the Tooth Fairy visiting, new babies, first day of Daycare etc. We’d like to know what you think would make a great episode!

To enter

In 25 words or less tell us what you think would be a great educational Peppa Pig episode subject.

Comment below for your chance to win!

Good luck!

Jenni & Louise xx

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Terms and conditions:

Open from Wednesday 7pm – Sunday 11.59pm (EST)Win 1 x Peppa Pig PJ’s (size 5) RRP: $29.99, 1 x Peppa Pig girls dressing gown (size 5), RRP: $32.99 1 x Peppa Pig 4 pack girls brief (size 4-6), RRP: $10 1 x Peppa Pig vest/ brief set (size 4-6) – RRP: $12 Total: $84.98
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208 thoughts on “The Big Splash Charity Initiative

  1. The importance of water safety and a CPR class would be a great episode to make kids aware of the dangers of water

  2. When crossing the road to teach kids to look both ways and to hold hand when crossing the road. Would make a good episode on peppa pig

  3. An episode looking at holding a clothes/toy swap to address the issue of clothes and toys needing to be new, it is much more sustainable

  4. A episode about staying in bed all night long without getting up a zillion times! would find this very helpful with my night waking 3 year old.

  5. I think there should be an episode called going to Australia. They go to Australia and visit family and visit the sites sounds like a fun episode.

  6. Bullying needs to be addressed in every form including bullying from teachers and parents so children only think other children bully not the grown ups.

  7. My daughter (2) and I love Peppa Pig Bubbles. We think that it is very educational. When Peppa and George run out of Bubbles Daddy pig shows them how to make more bubbles with items around the house. And Daddy pig blows big bubbles with a tennis racket.

  8. I would love it if Peppa pig did an episode about disabled people my daughter is always asking questions and I guess it is because it’s one thing she doesn’t know much about

  9. I think it would be really great to show an episode on “social skills” teaching children the importance of being kind, caring and thoughtful of each other.

  10. Peppa pig episode: I would love to see a Peppa pig episode about learning to share – maybe George can’t handle sharing toys (obviously not dinasaur) and learns how to?

  11. I think a great subject for Peppa Pig Episode would be the importance of learning your times tables and listening to your dad and mum.

  12. To listen to mum & dad when your told to do something & just do it, that way you wont get into trouble & never swear, its not nice

  13. I think a good topic for peppa and her friends to cover would be bullying, as it seems to be getting worse in our schools each year.

  14. Road Rules. I think it’s important to know some basic road rules like look both ways, hold an adults hand while crossing. I have two massive Peppa Pig fans over here!!!

  15. An episode about saving money would be great. Possibly doing chores to earn the money and then spending it on a particular item.

  16. Stranger danger, all the recent children sexual assaulted (like recently in nsw) / being snatched, this would be a great episode to educate our little ones

  17. An episode where George deals with leaving his parents to go to kindy for the first time as alot of children struggle with this milestone

  18. Maybe something to do with accepting people who are different (like someone in a wheel chair) so they can learn that everyone is different and that’s what makes us all special!

  19. Having just moved and seeing the impact on our daughter an episode about moving house as there is no cartoon out there focusing on it

  20. Separation anxiety is an issue atm with our miss 3 (nearly 4) starting preschool. That would be a good episode. She adores Peppa!

  21. Bullying is such a huge topic right now – I would love an episode on how to handle getting bullied or someone being mean. To show that peppa had bad days too.

  22. A great idea for a peppa pig episode would be about bullying and the effects it can have on others. Encourage treating others with kindness, respect, compassion, how we would like to be treated!

  23. I think a great episode would be a basic awareness of bullying, it really needs to start earlier than school age as it doesnt seem to be getting through:( children need to be aware of what is classed as bullying, they dont even realise they are doing it.

  24. Peppa at school learning shapes or colours & they sing a catchy song to remember them & that would help children watching learn too

  25. An episode about the different animals/friends and their different talents and accepting and praising those unique traits in each other would be great!

  26. Peppa has a new friend whose dad is away in the Navy. Educational and children like mine know they’re other kids like them.

  27. A great subject for peppa pig to address is what a child should do when they are lost or get separated from their parents.

  28. Bullying is not ok. I think this would make a fantastic topic for a peppa pig episode. What is bullying and how to combat it.

  29. I think a great idea for a Peppa Pig episode would be a message about bullying , what is bullying and how it can hurt others. I think its really important to teach compassion/ kindness to others at an early age.

  30. A great idea for a Peppa Pig episode would be a message about bullying , what is bullying and how it can hurt others.

  31. A Peppa pig episode that has Peppa finding out about the importance of taking turns and sharing with her brother and friends.

  32. Would love a hair washing episode. My daughter stopped fighting teeth cleaning after watching the dentist episode. Would love the same effect on hair washing.

  33. Child bullying- In light of present media stories, this would be a highly appropriate way to educate and equip children with phrases to counteract bullies.

  34. I think a great episode would be about being shy. My kids are both real shy and get picked on for it. So I think one where peppa helps a shy kid out?

  35. A great subject would be an anti-bullying theme. Even at 5, my daughter has been subjected to being excluded from “groups” at kindy :(. It’s important to let kids know that everyone needs to be treated kindly

  36. A great eppisode for pepper pig would be using the toilet. My daughter loves pepper pig so to show her that pepper uses the toilet too would be a great help.

  37. Showing how everyone is different, teaching children ways to treat them equal and kind would be great. This is an issue close to my heart.

  38. Stranger danger! Just like Peppa my daughter loves to talk….to EVERYONE! In Suzy sheep’s words…’you talk too much, Chatterbox here, chatterbox there!’

  39. Pool safety. The loses we have in Australia due to drowning is horrible. Children need education and parents need awareness to help prevent deaths.

  40. Idea: Peppa & her friends at playgroup with Madame Gazelle decide to do fundraising for hospital for sick children. They all do chores to earn pocket money that they pool together.

  41. For Peppa to be lost and a friendly policeperson to reunite her with her family. Kids need to know they are trustworthy and not scary!

  42. Peppa Pig needs to teach don’t touch animals with out asking. An important lesson that not all children are taught or take on bored.

  43. A great episode would be about Peppa’s friend with two mummies…there are not enough shows with same gender mums or dads to normalise it within society and tv

  44. I think an episode about acceptance – maybe a family of black pigs could join the community – or a child with special needs.

  45. Allergies. My daughter respects Peppa and I think Peppa explaining allergies to her would make her understand her baby brother’s anaphylaxis.

  46. Perhaps an episode about adoption or foster care. Pepper family could adopt/foster a child, or one of peppers friends families could adopt a baby, to show that even though a child wasn’t born into the family, that they are loved just as much, and its still such a blessing.

  47. I would love to see an episode about stranger danger there are more an more pedifiles around these days an children should really be made aware of this

  48. An episode about being YOUR best. Not comparing with others or trying to reach the standards of others. Our kids are so pushed to be the best at everything these days, when really your best is the best best!

  49. An episode about home safety – smoke alarms, hot & sharp things in the kitchen. Peppa Pig is very intelligent & my daughter loves her!

  50. I agree bulling has to stop but the teaching needs to come from mummy and daddy pig at home
    Because that’s where children have there first role models so much sure your good ones

  51. I think an episode about peer pressure/bullying young kids need to know it’s ok to not do what there friends are doing and need to know it’s ok to tell an adult and it’s ok to say no when they believe it wrong or hurting someone else

  52. I think an episode about when out in the river or sea. That shows pepper wearing a life jacket on the boat. My daughter just loves pepper and would copy her

  53. Might sound bad and might not be the best show for this but maybe and episode about a death and heaven As a lot of kids experience losing a grandparent or someone they have a good relationship with

  54. Germs and washing hands, the biggest way to stop germs spreading, a great subject to learn WHY we do it, also good for all ages.

  55. I would like to see an episode about going to the doctor/dentist and what they do there for a check up my eldest doesn’t like the dentist at all

  56. A episode about stranger danger would b great and also allergies as my daughter is experiencing a lot of friends with them since she started school

  57. Peppa and her friends are often out riding their bikes, so a show on bike safety ie. you must wear your helmet, would be good

  58. An episode on personal hygiene like bath, washing hand, brushing teeth would be awesome for all the little Peppa Pig fans.

  59. I think Peppa should have an episode about “everyday” foods and “sometimes” foods. Teach the kids it’s not healthy to eat treats all the time.

  60. I think a great theme for a peppa pig episode is about bring a new baby home and how adjust to becoming an older sibling

  61. I think an episode about the importance of manners would be great-not only towards adults but between each other (children).

  62. I think peppa pig should have an episode about the importance of trying a variety of new foods and how kids can help prepare them

  63. I think a great peppa pig episode would be the use of manners – please and thank you and table manners too!!!

  64. Peppa could explain to George that it is better to do nice things for people and not break their toys etc so they will like you better and include you in their games. If you break their toys and hide their things to get their attention they will end up not liking you very much and not wanting to play with you. If you do nice things etc they will see how fun,happy and kind you are and good to have around and will include you in everything they do!!

  65. An episode on pool/water safety. Children swimming only when adults around and never swimming alone (no matter your age) especially places like the beach.

  66. I think an episode on MANNERS would be great, any kind of good old fashioned manner! Or on stranger danger!

  67. A multicultural episode – different languages from different animals (everyone learning different ways to say hello, please, thanks etc) and teaching racial tolerance

  68. Peppa pig should have an episode on road safety. With so many vehicles on the road children need to understand the real dangers

  69. I think there should be an episode of eating healthy foods and using manners and there’s someone that dose not use there manners and they teach them how to use them

  70. Same sex parents or people with disabilities like in a wheel chair. Just because they look different on the outside doesn’t mean they are different on the inside =’we are all the same.

  71. An episode on the importance of drinking water would be informative. Also, a guide to how much water children of different ages should drink.

  72. I would love to win this, as I am a Palliative Care Nurse, who has noticed that all of my Little ones, love Peppa Pig, I think this would benefit the children so much <3

  73. Working with Palliative Children, I have noticed soo many simply love Peppa Pig, these goodies, would benefit soo many of our little ones . <3

  74. An episode on looking after our environment…being waterwise, growing own veges, not wasting leftovers…also one on helping those in need with what we no longer need or want…value what we have and being grateful for the little things life offers. Love and happiness. Xx

  75. I think peppa pig should talk about
    Different types of people such as race, disibitys etc single parents small family large family

  76. I would love to see an episode of peppa pig about making heathy food choices. Would be good to have them focus On where our food comes from!

  77. an episode about different types of friends children can have. To teach children about types of friends both real, imaginary to help stop bullying

  78. An episode on the importance of brushing your teeth. Daddy pig might go to the dentist (mrs rabbit!) and need to get a filling. The dentist could check Peppa & George too and suggest they use a good toothbrush and clean their teeth morning and night etc etc.

  79. I think an episode about responsibility to pets/animals would be great. It could teach children about feeding, exercising and cleaning up after them.

  80. a episode on treating people as equals no matter what their skin colour is (having bi-racial girls myself, daily im asked are they mine, are they adopted, do I curl their hair etc) people should love you for who you are not just the colour of your skin. Some people are very rude mostly adults so this can teach kids/adults at same time

  81. I think a fun episode set in a different country would be great. Learning about the countries native animals and daily life.

  82. Peppa & George should demonstrate the meanings of using manners & being respectful to everybody including young, old, male, female & race!

  83. I think an episode on how fun eating vegetables & fruits are, as it would encourage fussy eaters to try them for themselves as some even refuse to even try them.

  84. I think an episode on kids with autism would be great, it is such a big issue now and Peppa could help bring more tolerance and understanding for these special kids.

  85. Peppa Pig and her friends could learn about safety – around the home (including pools), when out and about and stranger danger.

  86. Peppa going on a trip to the local farm to learn where fresh produce comes from, milk comes from a cow not a carton 🙂

  87. I think an episode on acceptance of everyone no matter what they look like would be so educating for our children.

  88. I think it would be great to have an episode about the importance of putting litter in the garbage bins. Explaining where rubbish ends up if we litter!

  89. I think that an episode on stranger danger is so very important. Learn to stop, drop and scream if they are feeling unsafe and mummy or daddy are out of sight.
    Children these days are unaware how to ward off someone who may be grooming them. It’s such a difficult topic to teach a 3-4 year old so maybe their favorite tv show (Peppa pig of course) could show them a few memorable tips through a song.

  90. An episode about death or lifecycles, such a taboo subject but so important for children to be prepared for in a gentle way

  91. Peppa would be ideal,
    To teach healthy eating and yummy meals.
    Veggies, fruit and maybe some meat,
    Gobble them up – you might get a treat.

  92. I thinking maybe an episode that teaches kids about the native / indigenous peoples of the land they live in and respect for native culture .

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