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November 27, 2020

Deadly Dinosaurs with Steve Backshall – coming to the movies these school holidays!

Paging all Dinosaur lovers!! Deadly Dinosaurs with Steve Backshall is coming to the movies these school holidays! And you could WIN a family pass!

We were super excited to hear that our favourite animal documentary super star (Steve Backshall) is releasing a NEW documentary on Dinosaurs! Our kids love his Deadly 60 TV series and this movie looks and sounds like it will be just as good…if not BETTER!! Who doesn’t love learning about Dinosaurs??!!

Check out the video trailer below –

In Deadly Dinosaurs, Steve is on the hunt for the most deadly animals to have walked the earth: dinosaurs. Razor-sharp claws, giant whipping tails and the infamous T-Rex are hunted-down in the quest to find the world’s deadliest dinosaur.

In his explorer’s Dino Den, Steve brings dinosaurs back to life with cutting-edge CGI. Outside of the lab, the spectacle is cranked up to the max in a series of epic stunts, which reveal the raw power and scale of Steve’s favourite and most deadly dinosaurs. A combination of breath-taking spectacle and physical daring is served up in this immersive, action-packed cinema event. Think you know dinosaurs? Think again!

Said Steve Backshall, “Australia is home to some of the deadliest animals in the world and I’m delighted that my fans down under will be able to experience the raw power and scale of these predators on the big screen.”

Deadly Dinosaurs is 90 minutes in duration and will be shown at select Event and Village locations around Australia. More information on venues and ticket sales here:

If you’re looking for an action packed movie these school holidays be sure to BOOK early to avoid disappointment!  You can find your nearest cinema and screening times via this link.

Want to WIN a family pass? We’re giving away one (4 tickets) to one of our lucky followers! Simply share a creative story telling us how much you (or your children) love Dinosaurs in the comments below…HURRY as this competition is only open until this Thursday! T&Cs apply – see below.

Good Luck!

Jen & Lou x

This post is not sponsored, we were gifted passes for ourselves and one lucky winner. 

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T&Cs –

Entering the Giveaway: To enter you must answer our question. You are able to only enter once via each entry option for this Giveaway. Entries close at 11.59pm Thursday 13th Sept 2018.  Do not submit duplicate entries or addresses as this will not improve your chances of winning. Use of Entrant Information: Any information you fill out for this Giveaway will not be used for any other purpose except to notify you if you are the winner. Drawings: The winners will be selected based on the answers to the competition question. Prize: One winner will win 4 tickets to redeem at a local cinema to see Deadly Dinosaurs. It will be the winners responsibility to check and provide us with the cinema and viewing session they would prefer for us to arrange their prize (to be collected at box office).. Eligibility: Each email address may win only once. The Giveaway is open only to legal Australian residents 18 years of age or older. Paging Fun Mums is not responsible for (1) typographical errors, misdirected or incomplete entries; or (2) computer or telecommunication system failures or similar disruptions to email services and/or the Internet. This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook. Any personal information entered via the entry form is solely for the use of contacting the giveaway winner and is not for or accessible to Facebook.

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12 thoughts on “Deadly Dinosaurs with Steve Backshall – coming to the movies these school holidays!

  1. My 6 year old and us are so obsessed and love dinoowe even calls me Mummy Rex for trex being his favourite.
    Please let us win the tickets

  2. My son loves dinosaurs, he has always been into them since he was 3, now 13 you can go through any book (well I have to use a book!!!) call out a name and he can tell you what period it belongs to, amongst other facts. I asked one day what a megalodon was, literally used Google as it came up in my Facebook newsfeed and said the following “I bet I have got you this time, what’s a megladon?” He responded ‘it’s basically a huge shark from the dinosaur era’ and walked off. He had such a tone in his response like I was asking what a common breed of dog was, it was the last time I tried to outsmart him . . . He was 8.

  3. My 4yr old loves dinosaurs so much he makes us all be the different dinosaurs and recreation life/fight scenes. We make nest and “lay eggs” to hatch, we walk and swing our tails, and last night I had to have an epic battle as a Spineasaurus against him as a T-Rex! He can barely talk but knows hundreds of dinosaur names. Definitely a huge dinosaur fan here and would love to see the movie 🙂

    1. Congratulations Merridee, you are the lucky winner. We will email you all the details now.

      Thank you to everyone who entered! It was SO hard to select a winner.

      Jen & Lou x

  4. My oldest son, Sebasaurous as we call him, has loved Dinos since he was 18 months. He would talk about “vo-woopa-raptors” (velociraptors) and iguanadons all the time. He would even sleep with a tiny dinosaur in each hand.

  5. “So one day there was a T-Rex and a stegosaurus and a triceratops and a pterodactyl and a raptor. They all fighted then the underwater dinosaur got the Indominour Rex, then the raptor went shopping for dinosaur toys” – Finn, 3 years old.

    We would love some free tickets so I can teach my 3 year old palaeontologist that Indominous Rex wasn’t a real dinosaur!

  6. I love dinosaurs because it’s super fascinating to know that they use to rome this very planet and you can still find their bones. I love to learn more about them -Scarlett -11

  7. My 5yr old son is dinosaur obsessed! He recently was a school finalist for his speech on why the spinosaurus is the most deadliest dinosaur, such a massive achievement for a very quiet and shy child!!… dinosaurs bring out the best in him for sure!

  8. I like that I have books about them so I can learn about them because they used to be real. I know the T-rex, Iguanodon, the Compsognathus, the Dicraeosaurus and Sordes. I want to learn more about them please. Nic aged 6

  9. My boy love Dinosaurs, he thinks they are pretty RAWR-sum! You want to know something dinosaur related my boy is your personal dinosaur encyclopedia. There is never a dull moment when you have fun prehistoric facts being regurgitated too you by your dino obsessed paleontongist wannabe.

  10. Words simply can not describe the elation, joy and I’ve all delight an opportunity like this would provide de to my two children! Their faces would speak a million plus words. They love Steve Backshall and Dinosaurs! What a combo! x

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