November 17, 2023

Bubble Paint…great for bath time

Bubble Paint

Bubble Paint…great for bath time

My kiddos LOVE bath time, so I am always coming up with new ways for them to have extra fun in the bath!

We made Sparkle Paint the other day and it was a huge hit, so I have done a slight spin on that with this Bubble Paint!

To make your own, you will need (for each colour):

Bubble Paint

1 tbs Bubble Bath

5 drops of Food Colouring

1 tbs water Bubble Paint

Add the ingredients into separate containers & mix well (we used a paint palette to separate the colours).

I then got a straw & blew in each colour to get the bubbles happening!

Bubble Paint 5

Then get painting!

We hope you liked this tutorial!

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Jenni x

3 thoughts on “Bubble Paint…great for bath time

    1. Hi Juli, we normally wash it off soon after so it doesn’t. We use food colouring all the time in crafts & activities & have not had any staining…yet lol! Jenni x

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